Those Guys Have All the Fun by James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales

Those guys have all the fun

This is post 9 of 9 in the series “2017 Sticky Books”   Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN by James Andrew Miller & Tom Shales   James Andrew Miller has a new podcast series out called “Origins” where he explores the “brave beginnings of the worlds of television, movies, sports, music, business, […]

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50 Powerful Quotes from Literature that Can Change Your Life

50 best writing quotes

I was contacted recently about an Inforgraphic containing quotes. I receive dozens and dozens of requests on a weekly basis. Some are people in the Indie Author community interested in guest posts and looking to give back to other Indie Authors. Many of them, though, are just looking for something from me (free advertisement) and […]

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3 Solutions to Problems All Authors Face

Writers problems and solutions

  by Dave Chesson Kindle Marketing Jedi,   Sometimes, it feels like the trouble we face as writers is unique. After all, everyone’s writing situation is different. Some people struggle with making time to write, others struggle with creativity. Some writers are under pressure to meet a deadline for a book deal they have, others […]

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