How To Brainstorm Brilliant Ideas (Infographic)

Brainstorming brilliant ideas

by Emily Campbell Whether you love to come up with creative new ideas during brainstorming sessions, or if you find yourself intimidated by the brainstorming process, it’s likely that you will encounter brainstorming situations at work. Because the best ideas strike when we least expect them to come to us. The brainstorming process is incredibly […]

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Author Tweets of the Week (3-16)

first drafts writers

Let’s kick off this weeks Tweets of the Week with a few from one of my favorite tweeters, @chipmunkofpower, especially when she does the back-and-forth dialogue. *giving 3 year old a bath* 3: How old are you?Me: 39.3: How old is 39?Me: One more than 38.3: How old is Daddy?Me: He’s 40.3: How […]

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