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I am excited that Nothing Any Good can be utilized as a platform not only for assisting writers throughout the writing process and promoting their works, but also as a platform to explore new works from up-and-coming authors. I don’t believe writing should always be done in a vacuum. Having a community with whom to share essays, short stories, and musings is a valuable commodity for writers. I’m pleased to bring you Nicholas Power and his “A Madman’s Lectures on Humanity.”


A Madman’s Lectures on Humanity


I just want to sleep,
with these hands now a quiver.
Midnight consumes me,
as my body now shivers.


Coiling around barbed wire words,
grasping onto innocence and disparity.
cuddled by the dirt and the sickness,
of a madman’s poor parody.


A stage I had built out of sticks and stones,
can you take it all away?
Crumbling like life into oblivion,
is what happens to rapture at the end of each day.


With the twilight still airs arousing me,
breathing life into a blood soaked heart.
Clutching to the remains of me; my misery,
I refuse to so easily fall apart.


Orchestrating your paradise as my hell,
this prison so poorly devised.
The peeling white paint on the walls,
knows too well the promise of demise.


Fumbling with keys to happiness,
they poured Vaseline on my hands and wings of bone.
They didn’t want the guilt of burning them,
so they closed their eyes to say my keys fell on their own.


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About the Author

Nicholas Powell was born in Attleboro, Massachusetts. By the age of 18, he had compiled over compiled over 250 poems. In 2015, some his poetry was put in a compilation along with other poets into a book entitled ‘Soul Stains’. He has been published by PearTree Press in their 13th issue of ‘The Literacy Hatchet’ and in 2015 with the poem ‘A Youthful Old Soul’. You can follow Nick on Facebook.