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Author Tweets of the Week (1-20)


It is a new year and we sure as hell aren’t going to move through 2017 without Author Tweets of the Week, right?! Back by popular demand. (Or at least continued by popular demand.)

To kick us off, let’s begin with a slew of Winnie the Pooh related tweets. It was A. A. Milne’s birthday just the other day, (and it will be Milne’s death day in just 11 days).








How can you not love Winnie the Pooh when the characters say such beautiful and wise words like those?

Speaking of beautiful and wise words…




I love me some Maya Angelou. So wise.

If you’re looking for some motivation, or if you just need a little reminder to keep on keeping on, here you go.


Relax friends. Stay cool. Go back to the drawing board and don’t sweat it.


An ongoing pet peeve of mine is writers that don’t read because they don’t have time or don’t want their writing to be swayed by their reading. With no exception, this is ridiculous. If you don’t read, you can’t claim to be a serious writer. Simple as that.


As for our next tweet, while you can’t be a serious writer without reading, you can certainly be a serious writer without drinking. It’s not my preferred mode of operation, though.


Now, some twitter etiquette for everyone.



Please take that to heart my friends. No one wants to see 20 tweets about your “amazing book.” Sorry, it’s the truth.

Wondering what you can share besides just your book? There are 13 tweets right here in this post. There’s got to be at least one you like. Let’s start there. Share one of them. Here, try this one on for size:



Finally, a reminder that failure is not only an option, you shouldn’t be afraid of it.



Take chances my friends! Don’t be afraid of so-called failure.

Keep writing away! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. Robert Germaux

    This was fun, Dan, not to mention informative and, dare I say, inspirational. I don’t often comment on your site, but I read it all the time. I look forward to more of the same (and, of course, some of the “different”) in 2017. Keep on writing!

    • danburi777

      You’re welcome always and often, Bob! I enjoy having you and enjoy your thoughts every time!

  2. Jan M. Flynn

    Thank you for this — it never fails to surprise me how much my flagging energies and confidence can be shored up by some well-chosen words, not to mention inspiring images. The tweets you’ve curated are like vitamins for the spirit.

    • danburi777

      I am grateful to hear they are meaningful for you, Jan!

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