We’ve had another great week of tweets and posts! Let’s get right to it.


























Ain’t that the truth Assaph! A Manhattan would be my drink of choice, but the sentiment is all the same. Speaking of Manhattan, it’s 4pm on Friday. Someone is dropping the ball here!


I apologize in advance for this next one. I just… I mean… It’s so dumb, I know. But I enjoyed it.



I’m embarrassed. Well, since we’ve gone down this path, here’s another ridiculous one from Amy Metz.


All right, all right. Time to get serious.


@DavidBoles has been getting some love from me here on Nothing Any Good. Here’s a couple great writing tweets I featured (well, Twitter featured) from David.





Check out the full Moments segment from Twitter that I highlighted earlier this week!


I enjoyed this creative Instagram post from Michael Cunningham. I’ve been best friends with his brother since I was born, but you have some serious talent Mikey.


Congrats to the first U.S. author to win the Man Book Award, Paul Beatty!




I received a poignant reply on one of my posts.

So true @DuchessVic2!


Some wisdom from a Tweets of the Week staple Tamara Thorne.


Here’s a coffee mug that editors dream about at night.






It’s the weekend friends…






















Keep writing away! Have a wonderful weekend.


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