Let’s kick things off this week with a little bit of promotion. @crassusmedia just finished their Calendar for writers.

This is a must get for every writer. It provides you with a creative planner for your writing, inspiration and quotes from authors, and other creative solutions to get your writing ideas flowing (such as coloring pages for writers). I recommend this for all my readers. You can get it on Amazon and thank me later.


Find your voice first and foremost. You need to find your voice as a writer. Without it, you’ll struggle greatly and so will your readers.


Which one are you? I’m probably a weird mix of The Space Cadet, The Greasy Palm, and The Ray of Sunshine, but honestly, we’re probably all a mix of 2 or 3 of these, no?



I just really enjoyed this tweet and I’m not entirely sure why. Sure, the picture is cute, but the writing along with it just tickled me.



Amen to that! The short story is an art that doesn’t get enough credit or readership.



This is a fantastic feeling that every indie author can relate to. That first sale of your first book, it’s such a delightful experience.




Great quote, especially in the current geopolitical and hostile landscape we seem to be living in throughout the world right now.



Imagination’s pen. I love that. What a beautiful image that line creates, @annescottlin. Well done.




I am lucky enough to have a partner that enjoys my insanity. It is inspiring and empowering to have that. I hope you all have that for yourselves as well!



Go friends! Write! Expose who you are to the world. Expose every beautiful, terrible, loathsome and delightful part of you.


We’re off next week for vacation. Happy writing! Be kind to each other.


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