To kick off this week’s Author Tweets of the week, let’s begin with a Facebook post.




This was so obvious to me once I read it. How did I never think of this before?! How have I never heard anyone make this joke before?! Why are voodoo dolls only used for evil? I need me a voodoo back rub.




You know, because that’s what everyone thinks about authors when they think of authors right? When you tell people, “I’m an author.” Don’t they immediately respond, “Oh, you work miracles huh?!” This shirt is confusing.


Let’s have a look at some actually inspiring quotes.



These are great. If you’re looking for a little inspiration as you write, just remember to be humble, but that we are all connected and your work makes a difference.


Congrats to Chicago and Cubs fans. It’s been 25 years since my Twins have won the World Series, but you had us beat four times over. Well deserved.

Here’s an interesting thought from Cubs’ manager Joe Madden prior to Game 7. While unrealistic, I love positivity and positive people.




This made me laugh.


And this next one I just enjoyed. I’m not even entirely sure why. It just struck me.


And now, the dream of any book lover! Imagine reading your favorite book in that delightful space.





Before we end, I want to offer three inspirational quotes from @kentstuver. (Well, from Ted Rubin, Dr. Seuss, and Albert Einstein, but you get what I mean.)




Finally, I’ll leave you with a beautiful post from my amazing cousin.






















Keep writing away! Have a wonderful weekend.


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