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It has been a few weeks since we’ve had the pleasure of going through my favorite author social media posts, so we might reach back and grab more than just from this week. We have a lot of first timers on here, which is great. Good to see some new blood making the cut!




While I’m pretty sure we just tell ourselves this to feel comfortable about being weirdos, I’ll take it! I got strange for days in my heart!



This is easy to say if 7 of your books are in the Top 25 best-selling books of all time, but a little more difficult if you’re struggling to make it. I agree with it, and writing for herself and not “the children” is probably one of the reasons J.K. Rowling became a success, but still, it’s easier for her to say now.

Can you believe that Harry Potter holds 7 of the Top 22 spots?!?! That’s incredible to me every time I see it. Wow. Just Wow. (“She” is on there too. Never even heard of it. Anyone read it? Am I a moron for never having heard of it?)


This next one’s great advice for every writer.


I love me some adverbage and I need to remind myself of this often. Thank you @DougWallace1973!


I really hope this next one isn’t photo-shopped in any way.


I can’t think of a reason that this kid would be jumping like that away from the hoop while his teammate grabs the rebound, but I’m choosing to believe it’s not photo-shopped. High school basketball players do the weirdest things on the court. I wouldn’t put it by this kid- Mark, I’m calling him Mark- I wouldn’t put it by Mark to be showing off his vertical mid-play to his girlfriend in the stands.







Now that’s how you read a book friends! This guy knows what he’s talking about. You buy the book (preferably the one from the picture), you pour yourself a glass of bourbon, and then you let the world know that you’re reading the book. He knows. He gets it.

(So what if it’s my cousin. Screw you! You don’t think cousins can buy and read books of their own free will?!)



I love this tweet. I love the pic and the Tim Campbell quote is a good one. If you can trigger the readers imagination, rather than your own imagination as a writer, that’s where genius writing becomes a reality.


Speaking of genius writing.




Congrats @assaphmehr! Drinks on you!




Before you say you love this and then we both stare at each other awkwardly, I should let you know that I hate this. It’s stupid. No one has ever said this in the history of the world. There isn’t a single reader or writer that’s ever truthfully said this. As I said on twitter, the only time this sentiment would ever even remotely apply would be when @Nick_Offerman wants to sit down. (“When I want to sit in a chair, I build a chair.”) What a dumb thing to say. I hate this.

Now, what was that you were saying about loving this tweet?




Has anyone ever called something interesting and not meant it partially as an insult. Should I be insulted that @foreverhear called me an interesting fellow? Or should I just accept it since I am, in fact, a weirdo?



As a Christian, I have to share something. Sorry, but you’re going to have to listen to me preach for a second. Deal with it.























There’s a whiskey advent calendar?!?!?!? What?!?!?!? WHY! AM! I! JUST! HEARING! ABOUT! THIS! NOW!?!?!?!

You mean to tell me, every night my 3-year old daughter can grab a piece of chocolate from her Advent calendar and I can take a shot of whiskey?! Yes please! Sign me up!



If you didn’t see it, I loved this #MannequinChallenge.



Robert DeNiro is just too good. He’s probably really mad that they didn’t ward him when they were going to start the video and he wasn’t able to get his full mannequin on. Either that or he just don’t give a F-.


Let’s end the week with some excellent advice from a literary legend.




Fantastic advice. Keep writing away, friends. Don’t worry about quality on the first draft. Take chances with your writing! Learn to fail.


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