Welcome my friends! Let’s get right to it. Our first tweet is great advice for any author.



Sometimes it’s hard to remember this as an author. (I sure could have taken this advice more to heart at some points of my book.) We don’t need to scream everything at the reader. There’s no need to beat people over the head with some theme or subtext or meaning or plot development. Sometimes whispering to the reader is invaluable.


This next tweet touches on a common theme here at Nothing Any Good.

Write, friends! You will never make progress if you don’t actually write. You will never become a better writer if you don’t actually write. Write!



Once you’re actually writing (and not just thinking about writing), then you can consider additional advice.

I love this quote. If you’ve reached a point in your book where it’s really difficult for you to write it, (and I’m not talking about writer’s block), then you know you’re tapping into something. Plow ahead. Embrace that pain. Don’t shy away from that which is painful to write.


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A shout out to @val_dmmc, who is writing!

I don’t know why, but I liked this. Something about it spoke to me.



I have no preference for or against Jaden Smith, but I enjoyed this video.


Now that you’re sense of wonder has been triggered, here’s a riddle for you from Carrie Adams Golden.


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I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I love Dr. Seuss. Happy belated birthday Theodor Geisel! (oh, and rest in peace).


























I appreciated this next tweet.



I know all too well the perils of anxiety and panic attacks. And before you say that I should relax or slow down or breathe or whatever else you might suggest, read this first.

We don’t talk openly and honestly enough about mental illness. Even the term mental illness is loaded with negative connotations. Thank you @shannonpeel1 for sharing your experiences openly. We need to do this more often.


Moving on, I need me some of these magical items.



Get me some of this! My birthday is coming up in 6 months. You have plenty of time to prepare. Now you know what to get me.


Our final Author Tweet of the Week.



Let me second @oliviamccabe72’s sentiment and offer that encouragement to you all.

Keep it up, friends! You’re doing great!

Your writing sucks? That’s fine! You enjoy it right? Keep going!

Your book isn’t finished? There’s time to finish it! You’ll get there!

Your book isn’t selling? Join the club! 🙂

Don’t get yourself down. Being a writer is a journey in and of itself. Keep plugging away. Keep doing what you love. Keep on writing!


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