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This photo is wonderful and terrifying all at once. Growing up in the Great White North that is Minnesota, I fully understand the plight that lay before this poor man. Being a writer, I fully agree that this is what it feels like about one hour after sitting down to write. All that excitement and adrenaline has worn off, and all that remains is the thought, “Damn! This is hard!”


So how do we shovel off that proverbial writing roof?!


Perfect! Passion is great, friends, but passion comes and goes. Excitement waxes and wanes. If you expect to rely entirely on your passion, you will be cast aside into pile of millions of people throughout time that have said, “I could write a book.”

Don’t let that happen! No if, ands, and Peter Pans! Write that book. Set goals. Schedule time. Remember why you started writing the book to begin with. Harness that passion and excitement to work for you, even when it ebbs.


This is great to remember as well. If you always keep this in mind, you’ll be able to remember why you started writing to begin with. Write for yourself.



Besides, if you don’t write for yourself, it’s not going to change the fact that doubters will abound. People are going to make you feel lousy about your book for sure. Trust me. I speak from experience. Don’t sweat it. The sooner you accept that it will happen (and will happen again), the better you’ll be at not letting their negativity affect you.


Ok, now that we have a little motivation and fortitude within us, how do we actually write that book, and do it well?


Ooooooohhhhhhhh! That’s it??? Got it!

Wait, hold up. What if you cross out all the wrong words and you have nothing left? Anyone want to buy my book of blank pages?!?!


Here’s a fun article on Goodreads.


















Don’t make me complain yet again about Facebook’s terrible embedding feature. Yes, that’s a screen shot. No, you actually can’t click it. Don’t blame me! Or do blame me, see if I care.

Anyway, here’s the actual link to the article: https://www.goodreads.com/blog/show/845-20-problems-only-book-lovers-understand.

Random Marketer Reading This: “Well that is just terrible marketing. He sent his readers to a different site. Their gone now. He can’t be sure they’ll ever come back. That’s just really poor marketing. This Dan Buri guy is never going to make it.”

Random Obnoxious Grammar Guy Reading This: “You misspelled ‘they’re’.”



This is so true. I catch myself all the time thinking, “That’s such a funny, random happenstance. I need to remember that for a story.”


Here’s a good tip from @KellieMParker:

I don’t know if I’ve ever actually thought about this as concretely and succinctly as Kellie puts it here, but it’s so true. I immediately thought about the Jason Bourne books. The books have a ton of action and I loved them. I read them 15 years ago and I distinctly recall that any time the action scenes happened, I was a little bored. It was the build up that created all the suspense and excitement. Robert Ludlum was a master at the build up to the action.




Everyone reading this should stop right now and go leave a review. I mean it! Stop and go leave one review. It helps authors, I promise. Go support an author you love. We’ll wait.

Go! What are you waiting for?!?!

Random Marketer Reading This: “He did it again?!?!? Argh!!!!”


This next one has nothing to do with writing, but it made me laugh this week.



So did this one.




Ok, ok. Back to writing. Here’s a tip we’ve all heard a thousand times, but it’s worth repeating, so here’s a thousand and one.



Now a little motivation to urge you into your weekend writing. Be persistent, friends. Your path may wind and loop, but press on. Don’t allow anyone else (or even your own self doubts) to deter you from what you want to accomplish.





Finally. It’s Easter Weekend, friends. I will allow my heart to be sad and then celebrate. I will enjoy time with my family and friends. I will take time for myself to reflect on who I am and what I have been afforded. I will thank God for my faith and thank God for the faith He gives to others, in all forms. I will remember that I am simultaneously and paradoxically important and nothing but cells and dust. I will be humbled.

Happy Easter. Keep doing what you love. Keep on writing.


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