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Author Tweets of the Week (6-23)


In the theme of the last Author Tweets of the Week, I will continue to indulge some of your curiosity of what I’m listening to when I write.




All right, here we go.

This is a perfect place to start. If you’re anything like me, a reminder like this every now and then is valuable. Stop trying to be normal. Don’t try to fit in. You do you and make no apologies for that. Be amazing.


I love this quote. It struck a nerve for me. We put so much passion and thought and time and heart into our writing hoping to really impact people. However, we know deep down that it’s unlikely to change much of anything at all.

I also enjoyed this reply I received on twitter after tweeting a similar sentiment.



Thank you for the encouragement and kind words @KatieRParham! Good on ya!


Before I share this next tweet, brace yourself. You might cry.


Let me help you out. This is what that text says:












You can’t say I didn’t warn you. I told you that you might cry.


New song:






This Darcy Pattison quote is strong. Get your story out in the first draft. Just spew it out onto the page, guts and all. Then figure out what to edit and where to revise.

If you need help figuring out how to edit…

Don’t be afraid to cut something you know that doesn’t fit, even if you really like it.

Don’t allow this to be you. Tell your story.


This next tweet is a good one on which to end.




Happy writing, friends! Be kind to each other. Be kind to yourself. Have a good weekend.


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  1. Marie Lavender

    As always, very encouraging! Thanks, Dan! ♥

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