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Author Tweets of the Week (7-14)


I apologize for the sporadic content, friends. July and August are always a little slow. We won’t have anything next week, but good news! We have Tweets of the Week!

For those of you that subscribe to Nothing Any Good, you received this quote as part of a personal email I sent out to all my subscribers. If you don’t subscribe, why not? Wha are you waiting for?




I liked this a lot. Thanks for sharing @JamesLeeSchmidt. Become intimately familiar with the eraser friends. Learn how to wield it well and it will become your greatest tool as an author.



I don’t think I would actually enjoy this restaurant, but I love the idea. It’s a pretty cool picture too.

Don’t wait. Just write. Don’t wait for that inspiration. If you do, you’ll find yourself writing very infrequently. If you want to be an author, you have to go take it, not wait for it to happen to you.



Remember this each and every day. Remind yourself of this constantly. Say these words out loud.


Amen! Let’s go friends! Let’s be foolish.


Happy writing! Be kind! Have a good weekend.


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  1. Marie Lavender

    Thanks, Dan! This is the perfect motivation! ♥

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