Last week’s big news was that most all of my Amazon reviews were removed. Well that ordeal ended quickly and without fanfare. I contacted Amazon through a couple of avenues. They apologized and replaced the reviews within days. I’m still not sure why they were removed in the first place, but they’re back. All of us suspecting something nefarious from the big corporate book seller, well we’ll just have to focus those assumptions on other actions that Amazon has taken. They were easy to work with in this instance.

The other big news, for Nothing Any Good at least, was the release of Pieces Like Pottery in print. That’s right friends, it’s out! Without further ado, here is this week’s installment of Tweets of the Week.



There it is friends. You can get it online now. Or…if you would like a copy directly from me, please email me. I will provide you a signed copy and include a thoughtful excerpt taken from my personal journal. Consider it like your own personal prologue to Pieces Like Pottery. A one of a kind single edition.


This is a good goal. It’s easy in life to stay inside your comfort zone day in and day out. Try one thing today that scares you. It doesn’t have to be scary to anyone else. It can just be scary to you.

So your scared to buy the person behind you a cup of coffee for no reason? Go ahead and do it today.

You’re nervous to run one mile? Try it today.

Who cares what it is. Try one thing today that scares you.



This sequence of tweets with one of my readers still makes me laugh. I can’t argue with that @jeanleesworld. Bitch does know you have a lot to learn.




Never forget this. Each day is yours and yours alone. You get to decide how you chose to make a difference. Chose wisely.






I love this guy. He makes me smile every time a video of his pops up on social media. Talk about doing something that scares you everyday. I love his hugs.


@bfisher_books tweeted this in response to the news that Barnes & Noble is (finally) selling self-published books in their stores. Preach @bfisher_books! Preach!



This article is very quick and very useful, so take the time to read it. I know, I shouldn’t send readers away from own site, but that’s what I do for you, friends. I put your own success and development as writers ahead of my personal goals. You are important to me. You see what I do for you? (For those asking if I would like a cookie or an award, the answer is obviously, yes. I will take one of each thank you very much.)



If you haven’t noticed, this week’s tweets have had a little bit of a Carpe Diem theme. Seize each moment, friends! The time is now to do what you’re scared to do. The time is now to make a difference. The time is now to do some good.

Let’s end on this note. Keep writing! Have a wonderful weekend.

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