Let’s kick things off with one of my own tweets, not because I’m narcissistic, but because my two-year old is far funnier than I’ll ever be.



See. I told you she’s funnier than I am.

Now a tweet from someone wiser than I am.



I meant @belangelat being wiser than I am, but that Twain guy is all right too. Fun fact: In second grade I dressed up as Samuel Clemens (complete with cotton balls in my hair) and read a report I wrote on Mark Twain, but I digress.


Tamara Thorne is always funny. Sometimes disturbingly so, but I think that’s her goal. This one’s not disturbing, just a good chuckle.


@mattdusk and his wonderful tweets have made our Tweets of the Week once again. This is old hat for him now.



Mired in the current cesspool that is American politics, I can only hear the following smugly being said in a Donald Trump-like voice, “Sounds like something a loser would say.”

Well call me a loser then because I not only like this quote, but it closely reflects my life motto. Keep pressing on, my friends. No one wins every time. Everyone can be labeled a failure. Not everyone can be labeled a success, and that’s usually because they give up.

(Side note: Have you ever noticed that if you misspell friends you can easily spell fiends. Never noticed that.)

If you’re looking for a few laughs, this article will do the trick. If you’re looking for fun ways to torture hotel employees (or liven their day depending on how you look at it), well again, this article will do the trick.



Whew! I’m glad there’s a somewhat sane explanation for my insanity.


This one makes me laugh every time I see it. Thanks, Marie! I get the giggles on this one!


Keep writing! Have a wonderful weekend.



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