Thank you for the great week of tweets and posts friends. Here are some of the best from our Author and Reader friends and community.

Let’s kick it off with @LoriRMixson, who is a successful actress, entrepreneur, mother, and, while throwing a serious illness on top of it all, has positivity and inspiration for days.



What a wonderful sentiment. Free yourself of expectations, others’ expectations and your own.

Along the same lines…



If you follow one new person this week, I would recommend @LoriRMixson

Since we’re all inspired now, let’s have a quick laugh.


As I informed Ms. Armstrong on Facebook, if you’re going to have philosophies in life, why not have an attainable one?!


Before we get to the next post, a short letter to Facebook:

Dear Facebook,

You’re embedding feature sucks. You cut off part of the posted pic every time with your silly formatting. Fix it please.

Love, Me.


Ok, thank you for indulging me. Moving on. If you can’t read this, it says, “There were children in your corn. They’re gone now.” Thanks for making it unreadable FB.



For the second straight week Tamara Thorne has graced these pages. There’s just something about Tamara’s sense of humor that tickles my weird-bone. (You heard me right- my weird bone. It’s just like you’re funny bone, but it doesn’t hurt like an MF-er when you bang it. You have one too, I promise.)

Anyway, I found this next video absolutely moving. As the son of a former high school basketball coach and a father of a newborn son, I love this clip.



What a great Dad!




I love quotes about being yourself. I believe strongly that we’re all called to be ourselves to the best of our ability, nothing more and nothing less. The last quote and this next one are quotes about being you that I enjoyed this week.



The next post certainly doesn’t fall into my list of favorites. It’s more along the lines of how is this a thing?



Again, if you can’t read it, it reads: “You can live here rent free, but you have to give up Facebook. Could you do it?”

I find these posts so inane. I see at least one of these a week. Maybe I’m just not as attached to social media as some people? Would people really pass up a multi-million dollar home for Facebook? And even if they would, who cares? Wtf. I just don’t get these posts. The fact that it’s from something called That’s Really Funny LOL and it just isn’t funny at all adds to my annoyance. Let’s move on to something that actually is funny.

To end the week, let’s hand it over to someone who is both funny and very talented. Have a listen to “Millenial Song” by Micah Tyler.


Well done, Mr. Tyler!


Keep writing friends! Follow your passions and enjoy yourself. Have a wonderful weekend.


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