Monetizing your author blog can be a great idea, and you can offer items related to your niche. For instance, having your books readily available is a great idea. Having author calendars, bookmarks, reading lights, or even related products like tea or blankets can go a long way in monetizing your blog. But cart abandonment can cause major losses for your new eCommerce venture. Offering mobile payments and capturing emails can help. Here are some ideas to streamline the process.

Offer Various Payment Options

Modern customers want the payment process to be as easy as possible. And younger generations are using digital payment solutions more and more. Contactless cards linked to smartphones, digital wallets, and even cryptocurrency are great examples. If you don’t offer these, you can lose out. Fortunately, reputable online payment processing services can help you install these features as part of your overall online or offline payment system for your customers.


Cater to Mobile Payments

Around 50% of people use their smartphones to purchase stuff online. And that also includes accessing your blog member services, buying merch, and any other monetization on your site. This is one of the reasons that mobile optimization is so vital for modern business. This can also help boost your overall SEO ranking with Google since it now factors mobile-friendliness into your score. Yet, in the long run, it just helps make it easier for a wider segment of customers.


Avoiding Cart Abandonment with Email

A little contrary to the next point, it can help to try to catch email addresses early on. You shouldn’t ask for an email for purchasing, but it can help later if they do abandon a cart. You can use little tricks to do this, such as pop-ups and newsletter signups, to get this data. This way, you can send your customers a little reminder that they have something in their cart. It could be the case they lost connection or just had to do something else and simply forgot about it.


Always Offer a Guest Checkout

Most customers just want to buy something without any hassle. If anything gets in the way, they are likely to just leave your blog, site, or store without buying. One of the main barriers is having to sign up to buy something from your store. Think about it. You don’t have to give your personal details when buying a coffee. So why should customers give you theirs? Unless there are any specific reasons, you should always offer a guest checkout option for all of your customers.


Be Honest About Additional Costs

Always, always be honest about any costs to your customers. This is the main reason for shopping cart abandonment. If there are shipping charges, then make sure your customers are aware of this as early as possible. You can also help customers keep track of their spending to avoid them becoming overwhelmed by the price at the end of the process. It helps to use an itemized sidebar (like Amazon) that lists everything currently in the cart and the total costs.



Avoiding cart abandonment on your blog or store isn’t hard. It helps to offer various payment options to your customers, offer guest checkout service and stay honest and open about costs.