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Avoiding Cart Abandonment in eCommerce

Monetizing your author blog can be a great idea, and you can offer items related to your niche. For instance, having your books readily available is a great idea. Having author calendars, bookmarks, reading lights, or even related products like tea or blankets can go a long way in monetizing your blog. But cart abandonment can cause major losses for your new eCommerce venture. Offering mobile payments and capturing emails can help. Here are some ideas to streamline the process.

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Creating a Blog to Support Your Book: A Comprehensive Guide for Authors


In today’s digital age, authors have a powerful tool at their disposal to connect with readers and promote their work—a blog. By creating a blog, authors can build a community, share insights, and engage with their audience. This guide is divided into four sections: Setting Up Your Blog, Crafting Compelling Content, Engaging with Readers, and Promoting Your Blog.

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