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Learn To Love Your Characters


All writers, myself included, need to learn to love our characters more. We need to implement this love into two aspects of our writing.

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First, always remember what initially inspired you to start writing. What motivated you to pick up the proverbial pen to put words down on paper? Maybe there were visions of grandeur and fame, but there are plenty of ways to chase that without sweating over a book, essay or poem. Our culture seems to always be looking for the next new reality star; you can probably chase fame easier that way, than by writing.

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More than likely, you didn’t start writing for the purpose of a foolish get-rich-quick scheme. You had a passion for it. You had a story bubbling up inside you that could no longer be contained. You had a love for writing. Always go back to that love. Especially on the days when you’re scrambling for the motivation to sit down and do it. Always remember to love the process, then dip your pen into the ink of your love of writing.


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Second, if you are writing a story where you are developing characters, apply this tip to each character you want to bring to life. Love your characters more. I mean literally. Have passion for them. Have hopes, dreams, fears, hate, anger, jealousy, excitement, and compassion. Love your characters as if they are your family and friends. Your readers will feel it when you have passion for your characters. Love them more each time you write about them. It will come through on the page.

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If you’re sitting there thinking that your writing doesn’t have characters because you’re not writing fiction, think again. All writing has characters that need to be loved. If you’re writing a memoir, you need to learn to love the younger self you’re writing about. If you’re writing an essay or article about the state of the world, love the people affected, love the state or country impacted, love the planet that needs changing. If you’re writing a self-help book, focus on each person you’re writing the book for and lean in and love them.



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The Quandary of the Indie Author

Write with a timer

by Robert Barry


The art of writing is oftentimes misunderstood and the writer’s ability understated. The craft of writing requires skill, clarity and persistence. It is commonly agreed among aspiring and established authors that the greatest hurdle in a writer’s journey is writer’s block which is caused when clarity becomes temporarily obscured. Although this may be true regarding the art of writing, when a self-published author has completed his manuscript he has to embark on an entirely new journey requiring a completely different skill set.

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I am a first time self-published author. After having finished my manuscript I didn’t know where to turn and I found myself in quite a quandary. Naturally, it was a daunting time for me and would be for any first time author. I had so many hurdles to overcome – where would I find an editor, a designer, a marketing agent and someone to negotiate the often times complex procedure of uploading text and design to Amazon and Ingram Spark. I had so many questions but I didn’t know where to turn for the answers. I approached a number of publishers, many of whom didn’t return to me and those that did had taken so long that I had forgotten I had approached them in the first place. After all the time I had spent writing, it occurred to me on occasion that my dream of publishing my first book was never going to be realised. Despite the feeling of dread that this thought instilled in me, I persisted to seek the help I needed.

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I am a firm believer in the concept that if you can imagine it, it either already exists or will in the near future. Given the ever expanding size of the self-publishing market, I imagined that there must exist publishing services specifically designed for the indie author. With this in mind I began searching the internet for such services. During my searches I came across many helpful sites for indie authors. The best among these was which answered all my questions and provided exactly what I was looking for – someone who provided the full array of self-publishing services. This allowed me to embark on this entirely new journey without having to acquire a completely new skill set!

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About the Author: Robert Barry was born and raised in Kilkenny City, in the south east of Ireland. He has spent over two decades working in both the engineering and legal fields. Robert’s first published book documents his stories of working and living in London, when he found the Holy Grail, the most sought after artifact of the last two millennia. More about his experiences and life can be found on his website. His book “The Truth” can be found on amazon and at Barnes & Noble.



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Find the Right Editor



The act of writing in and of itself is a monumental endeavor. I commend you for the words you have already written and the words you are going to write. To take ideas from your head and put them out onto the page, takes incredible passion and dedication. Well done!

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Your work also needs another set of eyes. You need a trusted editor. I know, the editing process is a dreaded process for most writers, but it is just as important, and sometimes more so, than the writing process itself. Even the best writers need editors. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can go it alone.


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You need to find someone who intuitively understands the story you’re telling, the intonations, and the rhythm, and the heart. Find an editor who goes beneath the grammar and correcting of typos. Leave that to the proofreaders. You need someone who ‘gets it’ and who won’t impose their own agenda. An editor’s job is to sift deep beneath the story with heightened sensitivity and attention to flow, repetition, wordiness, sentence structure, ‘show don’t tell,’ and whether or not the message has impact while staying true to the spirit of the content. Find an editor who understands your work to its core.

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I can’t stress how important the right editor will be for you in your writing process. An editor is there to build your confidence when and if it falters. Your editor must know how to evoke your authentic self to come forward; to distill and refine your unique voice. They are there to be captivated by your style and enhance it; not alter it, but to highlight it to the magnitude of its beauty.

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8 Crucial Mistakes Authors Make When Launching an eBook


8 Crucial Mistakes Authors Make

When Launching an eBook


by Daniela McVicker


Writing and publishing an eBook could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to start your career as an author. Regardless of what style you’ve opted for and what the theme of your book actually is, launching an eBook isn’t as easy as just finding an eBook distribution website and publishing an unrevised draft there.

The process of making your eBook available to readers worldwide needs to be taken seriously from the start. Being negligent of a few details, overlooking important publishing steps can affect your success and your reputation as an author in the online environment.

So what are a few important things you should know on the matter? What mistakes could put the success of your eBook launch at risk? Here’s what you should be avoiding.


#1 Writing your book description last-minute

The description is what intrigues readers to get into the actual book’s content in the first place. If your book’s description doesn’t excite, you are less likely to drive interest and determine people to buy it. Therefore, you should be putting enough attention into writing it, and not wait until last-minute to cover this task.

Don’t go for the standard story summary, write a description that actually builds expectation and shows a potential buyer why they need to get your book. Allow yourself sufficient time to put together a fantastic description because writing it might take you a few days, or even a few weeks.


#2 Believing you don’t need an editor – not hiring a proofreader

If you’ve put a lot of hard work and time into this book, spotting mistakes can be difficult. You’re already extremely familiar with the layout and content of the book, so some big-picture issues could easily go unnoticed, not to mention typos, missing words, grammar and spelling mistakes.

Hiring an editor might seem like a luxury, but it’s the type of luxury you can’t afford to skip. Even if your budget doesn’t allow you to opt for a full edit, professional proofreading is still critical here. You don’t want your reader to buy a book that isn’t edited to perfection. So, searching for some top editing services is advised.  Having a professional go over the content will allow you to reach the writing quality you desire.


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#3 Neglecting formatting

Your manuscript might be ready, but to turn your written content into an actual book, you need to assess formatting requirements properly. Picking a layout, a font, and relevant images should be done carefully, considering these factors can influence the readability level of your book.

Select the specs correctly. Your readers should be able to transfer the book into multiple eBook formats. The right formatting approach will prevent the end-project from having that unappealing self-published look.


#4 Designing your own front cover

Even if you’ve written a brilliant book, what potential buyers will see first is the cover. The front cover, together with the book description, will help you actually sell the eBook. This isn’t the type of task you should handle yourself unless you are an expert in graphic design and Photoshop.

Find a professional who can help you make your cover instantly attractive to buyers. Think about colors, fonts, and clarity. If your eBook looks amateurish, readers could even neglect an excellent description and put off buying it. This is particularly true if potential buyers don’t have any knowledge of you as an author.

You have free cover creators online, but it’s wiser to invest a bit of money and handle this task professionally – it will go a long way.


#5 Not getting your website/blog ready before the launch

If you don’t want to lose any promotional traction, make sure your website is ready or your blog is updated. Your eBook launch might be your first contact with a wider audience. This is your opportunity to build a loyal group of readers and having a blog or website ready for them will allow you to establish the author-reader connection you are aiming for. You can later use the website to promote potential forthcoming releases. A blog or a website can be excellent promotion tools.


#6 Overlooking your social media activities and details

The power of social media can be used to your advantage. Your accounts on all popular social channels should be representative of your new status as an author. Some of your readers will probably look you up and follow you on social media networks to keep up with your activities and learn about your projects.

If your existing accounts don’t reflect your status, make the necessary adjustments. Change your usernames, add or remove certain posts and fine-tune your accounts so you can make the most of them in terms of self-promotion.


#7 Next to no marketing

Consider every single advertising opportunity before you actually launch your book. Marketing is critical for self-published authors. The right tactics here can help you gain the recognition you desire and increase your sales once the book is released.

Just writing a blog post and publishing it on your website won’t be enough. You can’t expect an explosion of initial sales if you’ve had next to no marketing. From Facebook ads to affiliations with famous bloggers, find marketing solutions with high potential and direct some of your resources to promotion. Doing this on time can help you gain visibility and have sales coming as soon as your book is made available on Amazon or at the eBook retailer of your choice.


Just writing a blog post and publishing it on your website won’t be enough. You can’t expect an explosion of sales if you’ve had no marketing.Click To Tweet


#8 No sales funnel

Finding a publishing service is the final step to take here, but one of the most important ones at the same time. With an automatic sales funnel in-check, customers will be sent to you without you actually doing anything. Amazon is usually the preferred option for eBook authors, being such an influential website with lots of exposure. You can use Amazon’s publishing service Kindle Direct Publishing. If you want to explore other options, Smashwords and Draft2Digital are two other popular eBook distributors to look into.



Bottom line

Being part of the self-publishing field is just as exciting as it is challenging. When you are launching an eBook, you need to assess every single detail to ensure your future success as an author. Because with limited experience you can easily end up making some critical mistakes, it’s important to inform yourself properly with sufficient time before the actual launch and take the necessary course of action. The suggestions highlighted here will help you start on track with your publishing and boost your odds of appealing to a wide audience of readers.



About the Author 

Daniela McVicker is an editor for RatedbyStudents. She has a master’s degree in English Literature, and she is truly passionate about learning foreign languages and teaching. Daniela works with the students helping them to reveal the writing talent and find one true calling.



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