The Whirlwind Adventure Of Writing Their First Book

Teaching kids to write

Writing your very first story is an incredible rush of adrenaline for the mind. You’re so exuberant and full of energy, you twist and you turn in your mind, trying to keep up with yourself. Creative writing is one of the most beautiful things that humanity has ever done. So why should we not pass on this talent and gift to the next generation?

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Author Tweets of the Week (3-16)

first drafts writers

This is post 22 of 24 in the series “Author Tweets of the Week” Let’s kick off this weeks Tweets of the Week with a few from one of my favorite tweeters, @chipmunkofpower, especially when she does the back-and-forth dialogue. *giving 3 year old a bath* 3: How old are you?Me: 39.3: How […]

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20 Strange Habits of Famous Writers

What makes an author famous? Well, besides their great works and talent. It’s sometimes their personality, a life full of fascinating events, or the interesting things they’ve done. But there’s one more thing many people often overlook. It’s the fact that some writers have quite unusual or even completely weird habits. Here are 20 famous […]

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Author Tweets of the Week (2-16)

This is post 21 of 24 in the series “Author Tweets of the Week” It’s been two months since we’ve had Tweets of the Week, so let’s jump right in… This one is so me! It’s coffee time or wine time when it’s writing time. I’ve given up alcohol for Lent, though, so… […]

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