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The Whirlwind Adventure Of Writing Their First Book

by Jay Donnelly

Writing your very first story is an incredible rush of adrenaline for the mind. You’re so exuberant and full of energy, you twist and you turn in your mind, trying to keep up with yourself. It’s like holding onto the leash around your dog’s neck and standing on a skateboard. But we should be grateful that our minds have that ability to be suddenly pumped full of such passion and fire. Creative writing is one of the most beautiful things that humanity has ever done. It’s the window into our soul, our fears, hopes, and dreams. So why should we not pass on this talent and gift to the next generation?

Teaching them the value of an objective and narrative in a story relays back to the issues we face in the real world. Identifying problems, causes and solutions begin with the creation of a protagonist and antagonist in our stories. What’s the issue and what can be done to solve it? What kinds of adept complex questions are we asking the reader? There’s so much we can give by asking our kids to write their first book while we’re at their side.



The piercing light

Burrowed deep in our psyche are the things that frighten us most, the things that give us pure ecstasy and make us human. Getting children to write their very first book, try to get them to access this in their minds. The piercing light of any great story are questions that haunt us all, but due to the nature of the author, they’re told from a different perspective. Formulating thoughts takes tremendous patience if we’re really honest. There are so many layers to our thinking that we simplify our thoughts to function in this rapid fast-paced life we lead.

Cutting the story and therefore inadvertently the book, children should be taught the importance of writing composition. The introduction is crucial for the reader as they need to be sucked in almost without volition. Immediately striking in must be the conflict, because the reader needs to care about what’s going on. The resounding hope of a resolution and together figures that can attain it must be identified in opposition to the conflict. And finally, the ending or the conclusion of the plot that leaves the reader with either a memorable finale or questions still being asked.

Teaching kids to write

(Credit PIXNIO)


Encourage and enable

Children will be embarrassed when they write their first book because they’re conscious of the fact that it might not make sense to other people. This is especially true when you’re critiquing their work for basic errors such as spelling mistakes and the narrative not staying on track.

Give them encouragement when they get frustrated and lack self-confidence. If they have a change of heart and want to change their story, enable them to do so. In the early days, don’t try too hard to steer them in one direction. Allow them to fluctuate and wrestle with their imagination. Your job is to give them structure and keep them focussed so they make progress with each page their write.

It’s a wonderful thing to see a child lost in their own imagination. Their stories will tell you a lot about their personality. The whirlwind adventure they take themselves on will never be forgotten. Even when they’re older, looking back they’ll be conscious of the precious gift you gave them or creative writing.



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Author Tweets of the Week (5-11)

It’s been a minute since we’ve had Author Tweets of the Week. (You would think that it would be a weekly feature given the name wouldn’t you?!?) Let’s kick things off on the right foot. A little inspiration for your weekend.


Today is the day to start, friends! Sit down today and write. Don’t wait. You don’t have to do it all at once. You don’t need to write everything you’ve ever wanted to write today. Just sit down and spend 30 minutes today. Get in the habit now!


Once you’ve started writing, keep going. Persist!

If you’re looking for a little inspiration to jumpstart your writing, @nkpalgal is exactly right. Music is incredibly powerful. Check out my guest post at Sally Ember’s blog on how music can inspire you to creativity.


Love this moment from @lawnrocket! Be like this bird, friends! Keep writing, even through adversity.



This is funny, and there’s a side of me that says, “Right on! Way to go. Talk to each other!” But if I’m being honest, if I go into a coffee shop and they don’t have WiFi, nine times out of ten I turn right back around and walk to another coffee shop (usually right across the street).



Great advice from one of the most famous American writers. Fix what you can, don’t worry about what you cannot.


Find this person as a writer. Find them a keep them close. If you’re luck enough to have multiple people like this, count your blessings and protect your relationship with them.


Shoot your shot, friends. That’s all you can do. If it doesn’t work out, if you miss, that’s okay. It’s all apart of the process. Put yourselves out there and make the glorious mistakes that are uniquely yours. Write your story.


Finally, rather than encouragement and inspiration to follow your writing passion to end the week, I leave with inspiration to love more.


Love a little more this weekend, friends. There’s always room to love more. Embrace compassion.


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Author Tweets of the Week (4-6)



For this week’s Tweets of the Week, I’ve decided we will focus on humorous, inspirational, and poignant writing tweets from one of the best #amwriting tweeters in the business: @byMorganWright. For the first time ever, all tweets will be coming from one source. Here we go!


If you’re not getting bad reviews, you didn’t try anything interesting. Your writing is probably too blasé. Don’t sweat the bad reviews! (Oh and also, this is a great movie.)


Everyone is collective nodding their heads right now.


Hahaha! 😂

Haha! 😂

Whaaaaaa waaaaaahhhh! 😭😭😭😭

So true. Is this a bad time to mention that my book of short stories is available?!?


The other day my wife complained about how many journals I have around the house, and how most of them only have my scrawled notes on a couple pages. 🤷‍♂️


Fun! I love this idea. Quick story time…before my older brother was married and was in the dating world, one of the first dates he loved to do was go to a bookstore after dinner. He would agree with his date that they would both go find a book to gift to each other. He loved doing it and he felt he found out a lot about the other person from that simple experience. So there you go! If you’re looking for a date idea…


At first I thought this is really funny and clever, but then I pictured myself in that bookstore. This is annoying! It would be such a pain in the ass to try and find the mystery novel you’ve been searching for!!



Now this one is funny!



All right, let’s wrap up the week with some inspiration.

This is so true. It is one of the only professions that you can become simply through the act of doing it. The moment you start writing, you are a writer.


Make fools of yourselves friends! Be ridiculous! Be weird.


I love this. Persistence is one of the best qualities to lead you to success. Stick with it! Continue pursuing your passion.


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Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Keep writing!



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Author Tweets of the Week (3-16)

Let’s kick off this weeks Tweets of the Week with a few from one of my favorite tweeters, @chipmunkofpower, especially when she does the back-and-forth dialogue.




@thelaceylondon makes it into Tweets of the Week often, but when she’s pushing tweets like this, you can see why. There’s a lot in her timeline to encourage us as writers and creators. Finish your first draft, then worry about perfecting it.


I am drawn to people like this. I find their passion and focus contagious. Maybe I’m drawn to it because I wish I had more of this in myself. It’s a constant area of work for me.


This one made me smile sheepishly. I think I’ve said a different version of this a million times in my 17 years with my better half. “I want to share, I just need you to push a little harder. Oh, not that hard! That’s too much. We’re closed today!”

I’ve learned how to be more vulnerable. It’s a work in progress.



Sometimes we need care and love. Sometimes we need a kick in the ass. Let this advice from Lauren Beukes be the kick in the pants you need. Finish the book! Don’t make excuses. Write it!




Be grateful for the new day friends. There is so much power in gratitude. More than just a fluffy feeling of giving back. There is growing scientific evidence that gratitude can help you focus and succeed in accomplishing your goals.



Haha! So true. It never comes out the way we picture it in our mind. Reminds me of writing advice from Ta-Nahisi Coates. This is the plague of every creative-type. The work is never done.



The only two ways to get better at writing are to write and to read. Work on your craft. Write!



I loved this tweet that went viral. So cool. Even if it’s fake, which I hope it isn’t, this is straight out of a movie. This couple didn’t meet and get married until years later, but found they were at this monument on the same day at the same time taking a picture years before. Life is fun.


I’m not sure exactly what it was about this tweet from @MaraloScott, but it really spoke to me. Something about the earnestness about it. Most people on social meeting push their children in front of us as a way to get compliments about their kids or their parenting skills. It’s transparent and tiresome. This wasn’t that at all. I found this tweet moving and heart warming. 🙏🏽

Raise your hand if you know this feeling all too well!




Don’t quit on your passion no matter how many additional peaks you encounter. Continue to create. Continue to write. Persist!


Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Keep writing!



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