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20 Strange Habits of Famous Writers

What makes an author famous? Well, besides their great works and talent.

It’s sometimes their personality, a life full of fascinating events, or the interesting things they’ve done. But there’s one more thing many people often overlook. It’s the fact that some writers have quite unusual or even completely weird habits.

Here are 20 famous writers who happened to have some curious quirks and habits.

by Jack Milgram


20 habits of famous writers





About the AuthorJack Milgram is a writer at He started his freelance career when he was a student. Jack has been interested in writing since he first took pen and paper in his hands. And he never stopped writing ever after. He loves combining his job with traveling around the world.




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Author Tweets of the Week (2-16)

It’s been two months since we’ve had Tweets of the Week, so let’s jump right in…


This one is so me! It’s coffee time or wine time when it’s writing time. I’ve given up alcohol for Lent, though, so… pray for me.



I loved @JamesLeeSchmidt’s response here. So true! Why are all of us adults too Stupid?!?


These next ones are in a series. I was tagged to share a cover that inspired me without explaining why. Here’s the cover chosen when I was originally tagged, the cover that I chose, and some of the cover responses I received.



I said don’t explain it @williamsbnikki!!!! 😀 🤣

Great covers. Thanks for sharing!



I enjoyed this next one:

I don’t own a cat, but I know what cat’s are and I know how cat’s be creeping. I love ’em, but this is so true. Made me laugh.


These last two tweets seem to be a perfect way to kickoff the weekend.

Be patient with yourselves, friends. Take time with you goals. Take time to create what you need to. Be patient.



Do what you do because you love it, regardless if others do too. Take heart!


Go create, friends! Set your goals. Find your voice and follow it!



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The Most Interesting Things of the Week


One regular thing I’m going to be doing in 2018 is a message to all my email followers containing the three things I found most captivating and inspiring over the past week. It may be an excerpt from a book I read, a podcast I listened to, or a video I saw. It may be anything. The goal is to give you some fun and thoughtful material to consider over the weekend, and hopefully get you to think and to smile.

Creativity comes from all sorts of places. You never know when creativity will strike you. I’ve always wanted to have curated things sent to me that someone I trust has found fascinating and inspiring. There’s too much content out there these days. Having someone narrow and hone that for me, so I can get right to the creativity and inspiration is my dream. I haven’t found it yet, but at least I can try and provide my dream to you. If I can’t have it, you might as well get it!

If you’re not on the email list, you can sign up for The Weekly Break below. The goal will be for an email to go out a couple Fridays a month and, if all goes as planned, it will go out every Friday morning. This Friday will be the first run. Sign up now!


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The Science Behind Your Doodles

I know so many writers that doodle, endlessly doodle, as they think. I remember doodling all the time when I was a young boy in school. I also remember seeing my mother doodle when she was on the phone growing up. I always thought there was something that doodling triggered in the brain, like there was some creative spark it tapped into. So when I was contacted by GETCRM and presented with this infographic about “The Science Behind Your Doodles“, I was delighted and knew I had to share it with my readers. Yes, it’s a little bit like dream interpretation. Whether this is accurate or not, (and as an engineer and patent attorney I certainly question the liberal use of the word Science here), I enjoyed it nonetheless. Enjoy!


Science behind your doodles




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