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Confessions of an Indie Author – Episode 1: Dan Buri

  1. Confessions of an Indie Author – Episode 1: Dan Buri
  2. Confessions of an Indie Author – Episode 2: EM Kaplan
  3. Confessions of an Indie Author – Episode 3: Assaph Mehr


As Indie Authors and Self Published Authors, we are often given a lot of advice to follow. People are always give rules and tips and dos and donts and on and on. We don’t do them all. We can’t do them all.

I realized a long time ago that many authors pretend that they are doing everything. They pretend that everything is great. We put on a good face. We tend to say our book is selling more than it actually is. We proclaim that we’re writing far more than we actually are. I wanted to see something different. I wanted to know what Indie Authors are actually doing, and what they aren’t doing.

So I bring you, the first episode of Confessions of an Indie Author. (I apologize in advance for the video editing skills. It is not my forte, but hopefully you enjoy it nonetheless.)







Thank you, friends! Coming in Episode 2 is E.M. Kaplan.

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  1. Marie Lavender

    Thank you, Dan! This was very inspiring to me, and I have to agree that I am the same with a few of the things you mentioned. I don’t write every day either. Though I do have a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, by no means do I believe every writer should have one. What works for me will not, of course, work for someone else. I would say that taking those classes more or less helped to familiarize me with the process, but I was also what you’d call a self-taught writer right up until I went to college. I was absolute obsessed as I poured through those writer’s reference books. Even today, I’m still learning. You’re right. There are lot of opinions in the blogosphere on what we should or shouldn’t do. And while I’d love to go back for my MFA degree, I too do not have the extra time for such a thing at this point in my life. LOL.

    One of my big confessions? The word ‘prolific’ constantly throws me. People go around telling me, “Oh, you’re so prolific. I want to be just like you.” It leaves me completely nonplussed for a moment. Me? Prolific? Or ‘talented’? Even ‘well-known’? Like a lot of writers, I also have fears that try to drag me down during the process. And honestly? I just feel what gets me through is I keep moving forward. I may be an author of 22 books, but I’m still learning about this industry. Every day is a journey as I trudge around landmines. To be prolific…surely they must be referring to someone else, right? 😉

    This reminds me of a thought-provoking quote by Natalie Goldberg: “Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open.” I can only hope to have such courage in my writing, but I will certainly do my best.

  2. Victoria Benchley


    • danburi777

  3. melissa

    Thank you for this great video confession Dan! Real and honest and inspiring.

    • danburi777

      Of course, Melissa! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Be sure to check out the other Confessions too!

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