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Confessions of an Indie Author – Episode 3: Assaph Mehr

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  3. Confessions of an Indie Author – Episode 3: Assaph Mehr



Today we have the intelligent, industrious Assaph Mehr sharing his confessions. Enjoy!






Assaph Mehr has been a bibliophile since he learnt to read at the age of five, and a Romanophile ever since he first got his hands on Asterix, way back in elementary school. This exacerbated when his parents took him on a trip to Rome and Italy – he whinged horribly when they dragged him to “yet another church with baby angels on the ceiling,” yet was happy to skip all day around ancient ruins and museums for Etruscan art.  He has since been feeding his addiction for books with stories of mystery and fantasy of all kinds. Assaph now lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife Julia, four kids and two cats. By day he is a software product manager, bridging the gap between developers and users, and by night he’s writing – he seems to do his best writing after midnight.

You can buy Assaph Mehr’s book, Murder In Absentia, on Amazon, visit his website, or follow him on Facebook or Twitter. Buy his book now before it’s too late and you’re a following the crowd to his bestseller, not the leader!


If you would like to be featured in an Episode of Confessions of an Indie Author, submit your unedited 3-6 minute video to danburi777 [at] gmail [dot] com. Please make sure the sound quality is clear and the video quality is high (HD preferably).


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  1. Marie Lavender

    As always, a fascinating series, Dan! Assaph sounds like a great writer. I don’t write every day either, and I certainly don’t get to read so often, though I’d love to! I host three blogs, I have a side job, and I write when I have a free moment. I do have a life outside of being an author, so it’s hard to juggle everything these days. LOL.

    • danburi777

      How dare you have a life outside of being an author, Marie?!? That is not allowed!

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