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A Wayward Spirit is an unusual and entertaining travel book – with a message or two. Peter J. Harris has travelled extensively on business in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East, and he relates his extraordinary experiences with page-turning descriptions. He worked for the British Tourist Authority, he established his own international education consultancy and his insightful narratives come from his continuing worldwide travel on behalf of a range of UK boarding schools, colleges and charities. His advice on education has been sought by Russian billionaires, Saudi sheikhs and members of the Thai royal family.

He has been faced with life-threatening experiences in two continents and endured wrongful imprisonment in Greece. Along the way, he ventured into religious retreats, spiritual experiences in India and pilgrim walks in Spain – finding a new meaning to his life which led him to raise over £50,000 for charitable causes including a school for ‘children from the dumps’ in Cambodia. The descriptions of his ‘enlightenment’ are equally colorful and he is often critical of those who are ‘religious but not spiritual’.



The royalties from A Wayward Spirit go to help the school founded by the author in Cambodia for “The Dumpsters” – the children he discovered living on the rubbish dumps; some of them are pictured with the author on the book cover.

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Amazon Reviews

Here are extracts from just two of the reviews already on Amazon……

“This is a terrific read! Once I’d started, I simply couldn’t put it down. In equal measure it is hilarious, serious, touching and moving. My goodness, Peter Harris has certainly packed loads into his wonderful life….his generosity of spirit shines through in a lovely, funny, and heart-warming book”.

“A fantastic journey written in a compelling style which made me read the book in one go. Peter clearly writes as he lives, with great enthusiasm and humour and in the end comes to realise what is really important. I commend this book to anyone who loves adventure, travel, understanding much more than a brochure can tell you and sharing a voyage with a wonderful raconteur.”


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