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The act of writing in and of itself is a monumental endeavor. I commend you for the words you have already written and the words you are going to write. To take ideas from your head and put them out onto the page, takes incredible passion and dedication. Well done!

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Your work also needs another set of eyes. You need a trusted editor. I know, the editing process is a dreaded process for most writers, but it is just as important, and sometimes more so, than the writing process itself. Even the best writers need editors. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can go it alone.


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You need to find someone who intuitively understands the story you’re telling, the intonations, and the rhythm, and the heart. Find an editor who goes beneath the grammar and correcting of typos. Leave that to the proofreaders. You need someone who ‘gets it’ and who won’t impose their own agenda. An editor’s job is to sift deep beneath the story with heightened sensitivity and attention to flow, repetition, wordiness, sentence structure, ‘show don’t tell,’ and whether or not the message has impact while staying true to the spirit of the content. Find an editor who understands your work to its core.

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I can’t stress how important the right editor will be for you in your writing process. An editor is there to build your confidence when and if it falters. Your editor must know how to evoke your authentic self to come forward; to distill and refine your unique voice. They are there to be captivated by your style and enhance it; not alter it, but to highlight it to the magnitude of its beauty.

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  1. Marie Lavender

    Well said. Thanks, Dan! ♥

    • danburi777

      You’re too kind, Marie.

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