Indie publishing has blown up the status quo in the publishing industry. Publishing your book has never been easier. Ten years ago, no one would have predicted that Amazon, a bookseller, would be the biggest book publisher in the world today. Ten years from now, I guarantee the landscape will be vastly different again. We’re amidst more shifting in the industry as publishers and authors try to navigate a world of ever-changing technology.

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I mention this because, as a writer, you’ll often receive advice from readers, editors, publishers, or a countless number of people, about what you should do to improve your writing. Some of it will be excellent feedback. Some it will be intended to help your writing become better-suited for the market. Ultimately, you need to find your own voice as a writer. Use the advice of others to guide you, but don’t feel beholden to write in a style or a genre that will be more marketable.


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Don’t take the status quo as a requirement. Don’t look at how you think everyone else is writing and try to copy it. Find your own voice. Remember what we learned in Tip 7. Find your voice and style, and don’t let go of it. Write the REAL YOU.

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Don’t take “their” word for how you need to publish or what you need to publish. Follow your own path. What do Harry Potter, A Wrinkle in Time, Gone with the Wind, and Twilight have in common? They were all initially rejected by publishers, but went on to become massive hits. No one knows what is going to sell and what isn’t. Don’t let writing a hit be a guide to finding your most authentic path as a writer.

Question authority. Be your own voice.


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