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Authors, You Need An Amazon Author Page

Setting up your Amazon Author Page


Authors, You Need An Amazon Author Page


by Catherine Townsend-Lyon


Authors, do you have your Amazon author page set up? If not, why not? It is a vital part of your marketing platform. Let me show you how to get it all set up correctly and make you shine on Amazon.

Writing and reading good books is a passion of mine. Once my book Addicted to Dimes was published May 2013 on Amazon, many writing doors opened for me. One of these doors has been writing and book promoting, including recovery and book promotion articles for many publications. This lead to co-writing with several high-profile people and former NFL Pros as well.

When I receive emails from author clients looking for a book marketing plan, I always do my research on the author to see what they currently have open in the way of social media accounts. I have helped many excellent authors open their social media accounts, but to my surprise, about 80% of authors do not have an Amazon Author page! WOW!

Now, to me, this is a head-scratcher.


80% of authors do not have an Amazon Author page. Create your Amazon page now! It's simple. Learn how.Click To Tweet


WHY? Because it is free to do, easy to set it up, and you can even link your website or blog feed to your page and advertise free any author event too! You get a fabulous bio area, add a photo of yourself. So why wouldn’t you utilize these fantastic book marketing tools to go along with all your books listed for sale on Amazon?

Maybe it is because you’re not sure where to go, or how to set up your page up? Well, I am going to help you with that.


Here is how to set up your Amazon Author Page


All you do is go to Amazon Author Central here.

Just create a new account, answer some questions, and you’re ready to set up a beautiful author page.

To set up your account and reap all the benefits associated with marketing your book through Author Central, follow these steps (from Amazon):

1. Go to and click Join Now.

2. Enter your e-mail address and password and click “sign in” using our secure server.

3. If you have an account, sign in with the e-mail address and password you use on that account.

4. If you do not have an existing account, select No, I am a new customer. You will be prompted to enter the necessary information.

5. Read the Author Central’s Terms and Conditions, and then click Agree to accept them.

6. Enter the name your books which are written under. A list of possible book matches appears. Select any one of your books. If your book is not on the list, you can search for it by title or ISBN. The book you select must be available for purchase on the website. Choosing the book creates the account. When you receive the confirmation e-mail we send, confirm your e-mail address and identity.


Optimizing Your Author Page


Then you can complete the rest with using the Twitter tools to link your feed, add your social media links so readers can visit you. You even create your own URL link for your author page. If you look to the left of the front page, there is a whole host of topics and marketing tools available for you to use.

It is a fact that authors who have an Amazon Author Profile page alongside their books find that readers are more prone to purchase one of their books. Readers prefer to learn more about the author when considering whether to buy a book. Readers love to learn, connect, and engage with the authors they enjoy reading. It is also a fact that readers will be more prone to come back and place a review of your book when they finish reading, which helps your Amazon ranking.


Readers love to learn, connect, and engage with the authors they enjoy reading. Create an Amazon Author Page so they can connect with you. #writetipClick To Tweet


Because your new Amazon Author Page makes you shine! It shows you as a professional writer and author. So please authors, go over to Amazon Author Central and set up your author page today. And while you are there, check out all the helpful marketing tools Amazon must aid you in writing and promoting all your books.



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About the AuthorWriter Catherine Townsend-Lyon is the best-selling author of her non-fiction memoir titled Addicted to Dimes and a new compilation book with other writers titled Ten The Hard Way. She has been professionally promoting books and consulting with authors for “Kodel Empire Publishing Group” for two years, and now independently for many authors as owner of “Lyon Media, Book Promotions, & Literary Consulting.” You can learn more about her by visiting her book promoting website Cat Lyon’s Reading and Writing Den. “Books, Authors, Social Media, and Writing are my Passions!”

Author Tweets of the Week (2-16)

It’s been two months since we’ve had Tweets of the Week, so let’s jump right in…


This one is so me! It’s coffee time or wine time when it’s writing time. I’ve given up alcohol for Lent, though, so… pray for me.



I loved @JamesLeeSchmidt’s response here. So true! Why are all of us adults too Stupid?!?


These next ones are in a series. I was tagged to share a cover that inspired me without explaining why. Here’s the cover chosen when I was originally tagged, the cover that I chose, and some of the cover responses I received.



I said don’t explain it @williamsbnikki!!!! 😀 🤣

Great covers. Thanks for sharing!



I enjoyed this next one:

I don’t own a cat, but I know what cat’s are and I know how cat’s be creeping. I love ’em, but this is so true. Made me laugh.


These last two tweets seem to be a perfect way to kickoff the weekend.

Be patient with yourselves, friends. Take time with you goals. Take time to create what you need to. Be patient.



Do what you do because you love it, regardless if others do too. Take heart!


Go create, friends! Set your goals. Find your voice and follow it!



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Author Tweets of the Week (11-10)

I apologize that new content has been less frequent over the past month or so. I’m working on finalizing my next book: 40 Tips on Creative Writing—A guide for writers to turn your passion into a successful book. 

It will be available for preorder hopefully next week. The perfect holiday gift for yourself and your writing friends. I think you’ll love it!
Let’s dive into the Tweets of the Week.

Yes, while it’s quite possible Ernest Hemingway was a high functioning alcoholic, (Jack London certainly was), he is a gifted writer and thinker. Anyway, I may have inadvertently taken his advice to heart a few times in my life.



I always say, the book is yours until you publish it; then it’s the readers.
These next two go hand-in-hand I think…



How true these are! When you’re ready to write and have the time, it’s just tumbleweeds rolling around. Then, when you’re ready to lay down and sleep, the ideas always start flowing. Inspiration and Procrastination need to synch up I think!



Honestly, the reason inspiration comes at night when we’re dozing off is most likely because it’s when we’re quietest. I’m sure inspiration tries to speak to us throughout the day, but our lives are too loud for us to hear her. Slow down, friends. Quiet your lives down.



Yes. 100x yes.


So true. Memoirs of a Geisha has been angrily judging me for years. I’ll get to you someday day. I promise. (Sigh)


Write with an audience in mind, but don’t write because of that audience. Write for yourself. Don’t write for acceptance at all.


I love this Nora Roberts quote. You need to make time to write. Don’t wait for the time to free up for you. Make it happen. Block time off to write.

He. Too good.


Don’t worry about whether the first draft is good or not. Get the ideas and words out onto paper. Worry about quality during editing.


There is no such thing as perfection, friends. Strive for excellence. Perfection is a fleeting desire.

What a wonderful note to end on. Take a deep breath. You are proud. You are are brave. You are writers.

Go write, friends! Find your writing voice and write to your hearts content!



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Writing Advice from Famous Authors: SLCC

Famous Writing Advice


It’s been awhile since we’ve had an edition of Writing Advice from Famous Authors. This time, it’s not just one author, but many bestselling authors speaking on a panel at SLCC (Salt Lake Comic Con). Let’s jump right into it with Frank Bedder, Platte F. Clark, James Dasher, Michael Jensen, Shannon Messenger, Jennifer Nielsen, and James A. Owen.

Here they are in late 2016:




“Go out and find your favorite book…that book that you were reading over and over again, the book that made you want to become a writer, get a fresh copy of that book and highlight every single scene that you love… Ask yourself why does this work?”


I love this advice. The key to Nielsen’s is advice is the final question. Why does this work? The goal is to understand why this book is your favorite. The goal is to understand why and how your favorite author did what she did. Once you know that, once you understand why you loved that book in the first place, you’ll know exactly what you want to write in your own book.



“I wrote [my book] thinking ‘I’m just going to write what I think will be funny for me to read to my kids.’ …That served me the best because I wasn’t true to anything other than my own voice and what I wanted to do.”


The hardest and most necessary thing for an author to do, especially one that’s just starting out, is to find his voice. It takes painstaking work and it takes constant vigilance. Like Clark says here, you need to be true to your voice or the reader is going to see right through you.



“When I’m writing and I’m into it and I have a really good scene, I don’t ever finish it. I put it down at the end of the day so the next morning when I start writing again I know exactly what I’m going to start writing.”


I’ve never heard this advice before, but I think it’s a brilliant trick. How many times have you been so excited about a scene that you wrote and wrote and wrote well into the night? It’s amazing when it happens, right? But what about the next morning? It was hard to find that same vigor wasn’t it? Beddor’s advice gives you the perfect place to start your writing day when this happens. Most likely, it will give you renewed energy and excitement when you jump back into that scene the next morning too.


“Finish what you start.”


If it’s been said once, it’s been said a thousand times. The best trait a writer can have is perseverance. Don’t quit. Don’t write just half a book. Don’t write just a chapter. Finish what you start. Owen goes on to say, “No one ever writes a great book. You write a book that you can fix.” His point is that you can’t fix an unfinished book. You can’t get editor and reader feedback on an incomplete work. Finish what you start!


There’s some great tips from the other authors in there as well. Like Shannon Messenger’s reminder that if you’re writing YA, the kids need to be the heroes, not the adults. Or James Dashner’s advice that the characters in your stories are more important than anything else.

What advice did you find the most helpful? What advice did you hear and have that AHA moment?



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