List your author events

Part Five

List Your Events

by Sarah Jarvis


It can be very difficult to get television stations or newspapers to cover a story on your book. Even if you’re a local author that is donating to a good cause, it is still ridiculously difficult to get them to respond.

However, many newspapers do accept event listings. If you have a book signing or a reading coming up, I highly encourage you to submit a request for the event to be added online to your local newspapers event listings. I unsuccessfully tried to get two newspapers to write an article about my book, (but certainly have not given up).

However, those same two newspapers did feature my book signing in their events section and the online posting about it was pretty big and included a picture with a review that I uploaded. This kind of exposure is free, so take advantage of it! These not only were visible to people who were looking at the newspapers online they were also easy to share across my social media and also ranked in Google when my book title and author name were searched!



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About the Author

S.M. Jarvis is an author, mother, SEO analyst and waitress. She has just released Moral Dissipation, a fictional romance and suspense novel about heroin addiction. Moral Dissipation gives readers an inside glance at the life of an addict and how a single addiction can impact multiple lives. It also provides information about signs of opioid addiction and how to revive someone using Narcan nasal spray. 10% of profits will be donated to organizations that help recovering heroin addicts and their families. Read reviews and order your copy here.