We’ve had another great week of tweets and posts! We’re kicking this week off with one of my own tweets. Yes, I tweeted it, but I can’t take credit for it. My daughter, who just turned 3, said this and it cracked me up. If she had a twitter account, her tweets would be way better than mine.


Here’s a great inspirational tweet from a staple on Tweets of the Week @mattdusk.


Matt Dusk says some of the most poignant things. I always enjoy his tweets.

Now a hearty congratulations to fellow author @assaphmehr!

Congrats Assaph!! That’s impressive! Rowling and King ain’t got nothing on you!

Tamara Thorne seems to be a staple on Tweets of the Week as well. It’s usually some odd, quirky joke, so this post is nice to have something a little different. Great thought Tamara!
If you’re looking for inspiration and an interesting parable…


This next tweet was sent out during the second Presidential Debate here in the states. It cracked me up.

One for the science nerds like me!


I love that sign.


We’re nearing Halloween. Here’s a great idea from @vrduin.


Buy books friends!
As a sports lover and growing up with a family of coaches, I love this tweet from @ttwentyman.



Parents need to chill the F- out at there children’s sporting events.
We started off with a tweet from me and this week we’re going to finish with a FB post from me. Yes, it’s mine again, but it’s about my father. My family is way cooler than I am.


Keep writing friends! Have a wonderful weekend.


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