Why Everyone Is Wrong About the Amazon Algorithm

amazon sale rank

Cate Baum wrote an excellent piece on “Mythbusting the Amazon Algorithm- Reviews and Ranking for Authors” that I think everyone should read. Cate Baum is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Self-Publishing Review and a former search expert. She knows her stuff. Earlier this year she had grown tired of all the misleading information that was […]

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7 Valuable Insights from Promo Debriefs Using IndieListers

by Jason Ladd   If promoting your book was easy, it wouldn’t be any good, right? There’s a new place for authors to gain valuable intelligence on the effectiveness of the hundreds (thousands?) of book promotions sites on the web. IndieListers.com is the result of a question I asked after launching and promoting One of […]

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Promoting Your Book Through Book Reviewers

It’s obvious the internet and social media are huge aspects of the majority lifestyle. This is great news for book blogs, as their popularity is in turn growing. People love their technology but it doesn’t mean they have forgotten their love for books. Having your book reviewed by a reputable and growing book blogger can […]

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5 Useful Digital Marketing Pointers for Book Promotion (Part 4)

Writer Forums

This is post 4 of 5 in the series “5 Useful Digital Marketing Pointers for Book Promotion”   Part Four:  Post on Forums by Sarah Jarvis   There are many forums that are book related and free to join. I posted about my book on one forum called BookTalk.org.     Although my post didn’t get […]

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