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Author Tweets of the Week (2-16)

It’s been two months since we’ve had Tweets of the Week, so let’s jump right in…


This one is so me! It’s coffee time or wine time when it’s writing time. I’ve given up alcohol for Lent, though, so… pray for me.



I loved @JamesLeeSchmidt’s response here. So true! Why are all of us adults too Stupid?!?


These next ones are in a series. I was tagged to share a cover that inspired me without explaining why. Here’s the cover chosen when I was originally tagged, the cover that I chose, and some of the cover responses I received.



I said don’t explain it @williamsbnikki!!!! 😀 🤣

Great covers. Thanks for sharing!



I enjoyed this next one:

I don’t own a cat, but I know what cat’s are and I know how cat’s be creeping. I love ’em, but this is so true. Made me laugh.


These last two tweets seem to be a perfect way to kickoff the weekend.

Be patient with yourselves, friends. Take time with you goals. Take time to create what you need to. Be patient.



Do what you do because you love it, regardless if others do too. Take heart!


Go create, friends! Set your goals. Find your voice and follow it!



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Author Tweets of the Week (11-10)

I apologize that new content has been less frequent over the past month or so. I’m working on finalizing my next book: 40 Tips on Creative Writing—A guide for writers to turn your passion into a successful book. 

It will be available for preorder hopefully next week. The perfect holiday gift for yourself and your writing friends. I think you’ll love it!
Let’s dive into the Tweets of the Week.

Yes, while it’s quite possible Ernest Hemingway was a high functioning alcoholic, (Jack London certainly was), he is a gifted writer and thinker. Anyway, I may have inadvertently taken his advice to heart a few times in my life.



I always say, the book is yours until you publish it; then it’s the readers.
These next two go hand-in-hand I think…



How true these are! When you’re ready to write and have the time, it’s just tumbleweeds rolling around. Then, when you’re ready to lay down and sleep, the ideas always start flowing. Inspiration and Procrastination need to synch up I think!



Honestly, the reason inspiration comes at night when we’re dozing off is most likely because it’s when we’re quietest. I’m sure inspiration tries to speak to us throughout the day, but our lives are too loud for us to hear her. Slow down, friends. Quiet your lives down.



Yes. 100x yes.


So true. Memoirs of a Geisha has been angrily judging me for years. I’ll get to you someday day. I promise. (Sigh)


Write with an audience in mind, but don’t write because of that audience. Write for yourself. Don’t write for acceptance at all.


I love this Nora Roberts quote. You need to make time to write. Don’t wait for the time to free up for you. Make it happen. Block time off to write.

He. Too good.


Don’t worry about whether the first draft is good or not. Get the ideas and words out onto paper. Worry about quality during editing.


There is no such thing as perfection, friends. Strive for excellence. Perfection is a fleeting desire.

What a wonderful note to end on. Take a deep breath. You are proud. You are are brave. You are writers.

Go write, friends! Find your writing voice and write to your hearts content!



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Author Tweets of the Week (10-6)


Let’s kick things off this week with a little bit of promotion. @crassusmedia just finished their Calendar for writers.

This is a must get for every writer. It provides you with a creative planner for your writing, inspiration and quotes from authors, and other creative solutions to get your writing ideas flowing (such as coloring pages for writers). I recommend this for all my readers. You can get it on Amazon and thank me later.


Find your voice first and foremost. You need to find your voice as a writer. Without it, you’ll struggle greatly and so will your readers.


Which one are you? I’m probably a weird mix of The Space Cadet, The Greasy Palm, and The Ray of Sunshine, but honestly, we’re probably all a mix of 2 or 3 of these, no?



I just really enjoyed this tweet and I’m not entirely sure why. Sure, the picture is cute, but the writing along with it just tickled me.



Amen to that! The short story is an art that doesn’t get enough credit or readership.



This is a fantastic feeling that every indie author can relate to. That first sale of your first book, it’s such a delightful experience.




Great quote, especially in the current geopolitical and hostile landscape we seem to be living in throughout the world right now.



Imagination’s pen. I love that. What a beautiful image that line creates, @annescottlin. Well done.

I am lucky enough to have a partner that enjoys my insanity. It is inspiring and empowering to have that. I hope you all have that for yourselves as well!



Go friends! Write! Expose who you are to the world. Expose every beautiful, terrible, loathsome and delightful part of you.


We’re off next week for vacation. Happy writing! Be kind to each other.


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Author Tweets of the Week (9-29)

It’s been over a month since we’ve enjoyed the beloved Author Tweets of the Week together. Sorry about the long break in this series!



This is a great place to start. There is no better time to write than right now. Remember to write today friends!



Great advice from Nora Roberts, and thank you @RyderHClancy for sharing. If you don’t write it, you have nothing. There’s nothing to edit. Even if what you’ve written is garbage, it’s still better than a blank page. Keep writing!



Speaking of editing, I thought this graphic from @byMorganWright was on the nose. Writing a book, or a story, or an essay never goes as planned, does it? It always feels like it will, but it rarely (if ever) does. Finishing any writing project takes perseverance. As my father used to say, it takes sticktuitiveness. It’s not going to be smooth sailing, it won’t be a perfectly paved path, so be patient and persevere. You’ll get there! You’ll finish the project you’re working on! Keep up the hard work!



There’s at least 60-some of you that are excited about my upcoming book on creative writing. I’m excited too! I’m hoping it will be available for preorder in the next 2-3 weeks. Send me an email if you want more info. Keep your eye out for the release soon. I think you’ll love it. Early drafts have received really great feedback. People are saying it’s inspirational and very helpful for writers. Can’t wait to share it with you and hear your thoughts!



I don’t even have much to say on this one. It speaks for itself. Have truer words ever been spoken?



Love this. Writing is one of the only professions you can simply become just by doing it. You can become a writer just by sitting down and writing. You can become an artist just by creating art. I’m an attorney. I couldn’t just say I’m an attorney now and start practicing law. I also have an engineering background. I couldn’t just say, “Hey guys, I’m an engineer now!” and start soldering away on circuits.

But guess what? You can do that with writing. Isn’t it great? The only thing stopping you from being a writer today is you. Don’t get in your own way.



Have you noticed a theme today? Write! Practice writing!



I loved this. Made me chuckle. @byMorganWright making the Author Tweets of the Week twice this week. Well done!



Love this tweet from NBA star Andre Drummond. Take time to appreciate who you are and how far you’ve come. Smile today. Smile at yourself. You deserve it.

You work hard friends. Be proud of yourself! I’m proud of you!


Happy writing! Be kind to each other. Have a good weekend.


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