Why Amazon Continues to Delete Book Reviews

Amazon Deletes Reviews

  After seeing friend and fellow author @AdamDreece run into the same problem that seems to forever plague Indie Authors—reviews being mysteriously deleted by Amazon, or worse yet, entire books being deleted—I thought it was time to visit this issue once again. @AdamDreece, author of a number of thrillers including Yellow Hoods, found out that […]

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Promoting Your Book Through Book Reviewers

It’s obvious the internet and social media are huge aspects of the majority lifestyle. This is great news for book blogs, as their popularity is in turn growing. People love their technology but it doesn’t mean they have forgotten their love for books. Having your book reviewed by a reputable and growing book blogger can […]

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Buy Indie, Leave a Review

book review

  How Discovering Indie Authors Changed How I Read Books.   by Rainne Atkins   I got my first kindle in 2012 and as I read a few books from Amazon’s “Top 100 Free” I guess at least some of them were by indie authors, I just didn’t know it. I also joined Goodreads at around the same time, but the only reviews I left were for books I’d won in Goodreads giveaways. Last May, I started blogging. TweetPin8Share2230 Shares

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