In case some of you aren’t aware, Crazyhorse is running their January writing competition in the genres of Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry. Selected winners are published in the Crazyhorse magazine. If the prestige of being published in on of America’s most renown literary magazine’s is not enough for you, there’s also a $2,000 cash prize that comes with being selected.

Worry not those of you that think it’s a long shot to win, there’s a participation award too; just like t-ball when you were a kid! Everyone who enters into the competition receives a one-year subscription to Crazyhorse.

Here’s the rules:

Submit short fiction and nonfiction of up to 25 pages or a set of 1-3 poems. All entries will be considered for publication, and more than one manuscript may be entered. Please remove your name and any other identifying information from your manuscript when you submit. Simultaneous submissions are okay, as long as you contact us should the work be accepted elsewhere. The $20 entry fee includes a one-year subscription to Crazyhorse.


So go for it! What do you have to lose?! (Except that $20 they require, but you know.) Submit here.


Crazyhorse Writing competition rules





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