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Photo Courtesy of LifeofWriters

LifeofWriters is hosting a creative writing contest. All my readers that enjoy creative writing, or all of you that for so long have wanted to try your hand at writing a short story, you should go for it!

The theme of the contest is “Rainy Wednesday Morning”, but there is not much guidance beyond that. Although the lack of direction as to length or word count is concerning, the freedom otherwise will really allow your creativity to flow.

Have you always wanted to try to write a short story? Take a stab at putting a short 500 word piece together. What’s the harm?

You could even put a time limit on it. Sit down with an alarm ready to sound after 90 minutes. That’s all you get. Spend 90 minutes writing whatever “Rainy Wednesday Morning” story comes to mind. Then step away from your story for a week. Let it sit. Don’t touch it. Come back to it after a week and edit the parts that need editing. Then submit it.

I say take a shot! You could enjoy it.

Here’s the full information:

Writing Contest



Go for it. Let me know if you submit to the contest. And good luck!



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