How to get published


4 Tips On Getting Published

by Jay Donnelly


Writing should be a passion, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be a career. Many writers turn their love into a viable business model and make a killing. Sadly, it isn’t as simple as putting fingers to keyboard because rejection is commonplace. If you are of a nervous disposition, the idea of getting denied may be enough to put you off writing for life. If you are determined to climb the corporate/artistic ladder, below are the things you should consider.


Write Well

The first factor to mull over is the quality of writing. Authors and writers around the world spend time thinking about new and original material and forget about the quality of English. It’s worth noting that lots of published men and women write about “common” topics yet sell millions of copies. Ever heard of John Grisham? The reason The Grish’ has a fanatical fan base is his writing style. Firstly, don’t be afraid to improve your skills with the Effortless English Club. Even fluent English speakers can learn valuable info about the language. Next, use apps such Grammarly and Hemingway to edit the piece. That way, it should read correctly without spelling or grammatical mistakes.


Read And Read Some More

Invariably, the best writers read new material on a daily basis. Why? It’s because they are willing to learn. By reading pieces from different sources, you are bound to pick up new skills. Once you have them in your locker, it is a simple task to include these skills within your work. Don’t take this as an excuse to copy and regurgitate other writers’ work, though, because that is plagiarism. An excellent tip is to read stuff from people and publications which you don’t particularly like. Then, you can avoid including the bad habits which get writers rejected.


Find a publisher


Find A Good Agent

An old cliché which rings true today is “a bad agent is worse than having an agent at all.” Unfortunately, there are “experts” who prey on aspiring writers to make a living. Of course, you need to avoid them like the plague, but it is easier to say than to do. To start with, it is essential to understand what makes an agent helpful. Do they have the right contacts? Is he or she a yes man or woman? Or, will they tell you the truth? Just as importantly, they have to be within your budget. An agent isn’t cheap, and unpublished writers tend not to have a mattress full of money.


Remember The Different Ways

A trade publisher or an academic trade press decide to turn you down. Don’t worry because it isn’t the end of the world. Yes, these are two traditional publishing routes, but they aren’t the only ones. Remember that the industry changes every year, especially with the advent of new technology. For example, thousands of writers self-publish their work. Alternatively, you can publish the work on your blog. If the readership is substantial, it should gain traction.


Ultimately, the key is to take rejection on the chin. All great writers, present company included, have to bounce back.



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