Well, I have heard your pleas my friends!

“When are you going to do another giveaway?” you said.

“How can I win your book?” you said.

“Do I have to buy your book or can I just get an illegal copy from somewhere and save the money while you and your kids starve?” you said.

Your wish is my command! Two times!

Pieces Like Pottery is available for a limited time in not one, but two separate giveaways.



Wait, you mean the book in this famous stack of authors?!?



Yes! That’s the one!


Wow! You mean the book that The San Francisco Globe raved about?!


[clickToTweet tweet=””A story for everyone. It hits you in the feels.” -The San Francisco Globe #amreading #writerslife” quote=”‘Pieces Like Pottery is a story for everyone. It hits you in the feels.’ -The San Francisco Globe”]


Yes, that very same book!


Hold on. You’re telling me, I could win a copy of the book that has reached Amazon Bestseller status two different times in the year since it was published?!


Pieces Like Pottery bestseller




Yes, yes, and yes! All you have to do is enter.



Thank you, Billy Mays. RIP.

You have not one, but two different chances to win!


Amazon Kindle Giveaway

You have the opportunity to win 1 of 5 copies of the book on Amazon. Enter now!

The Giveaway will be open until end of day February 12th. Don’t miss out. Tell your friends!



Goodreads Print Giveaway

You don’t have a kindle? Worry not my friends! You have the opportunity to win a print copy on Goodreads.

The giveaway ends on February 10th.




Don’t miss your chance to get the book for free! Otherwise, you may have to actually pay for it. And who wants to compensate artists for their time?!?


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