I have had a lot of readers asking when Pieces Like Pottery will be available in pint. Candidly, I’ve been surprised how many people have asked about it. I have had more readers ask this than pretty much any other question I’ve received, (except maybe, “How do I become a writer, Dan?”).

Well, in part because of your insistence (or maybe persistence) my wonderful readers, here you are. The print version of my first published book.


Pieces Like Pottery Cover



It was thrilling and eerie all at once. After publishing my book 9 months ago, last night I held a physical copy of it for the very first time. I was surprised at how beautiful it looked. It doesn’t look at all like it was published by my own publishing company–DJB Publishing. It is a legitimate book for your bookshelves.

You purchase it on Amazon now and soon in any number of bookstores online and in person.

318 pages in all their glory can be yours with a simple click. Just look at these reviews.


Praise for Pieces Like Pottery


I’m humbled and grateful.

So for those of you that have been waiting and asking for the print edition, here you are. I’m grateful for your support and readership. Thank you!



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