“Nothing any good isn’t hard.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Welcome to Nothing Any Good. If you stumbled upon me, I’m glad you did. If I was recommended to you, please thank whomever did so. The more the merrier!

The indie author and self-publishing world is difficult. As writers, we simply love to write. Unfortunately, getting your work published is never that simple. Sure, publishing in the current environment is almost as simple as a click of button, but publishing well is far more daunting. There are thousands of decisions to be made–from publishers, editors, cover design, distribution channels, marketing, and on and on. Having struggled on the path to getting my collection of stories published, I know how difficult it can be.

Through Nothing Any Good, I hope we can create a community of writers and readers offering each other tips and advice on how to navigate the difficult path. I will work to help you make sense of the difficult world that is indie publishing. I will be supporting other indie Continue reading