National Author's Day


Have you had an itch to go buy a book today? Well there might just be a reason for that. Yes, my friends, it is National Author’s Day. (If you happen to be a little hungry, it might be because it’s also National Calzone Day. But that’s for another website that supports indie gastronomers.)

88 years ago today a lovely teacher in Illinois named Nellie Verne Burt McPherson came up with the wonderful idea of having a day to celebrate authors. It’s no surprise that such a great idea came from a teacher and a woman; most all of our great ideas come from either a teacher or a woman, and often times both.

McPerson latched onto the idea and decided to submit it to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, who promptly passed a resolution declaring November 1 as a day to honor American writers. (It’s okay my international friends. You can latch on to this day as well! We don’t mind!) The United States Department of Commerce took a little while to get in line, but eventually they realized the value in this day as well and recognized National Author’s Day starting in 1949.


Celebrate Authors


So, you ask, how do you celebrate national authors day? Well it’s simple.


  1. Find your favorite cardigan or sweater and wrap that thing around you.

  2. Grab yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea. (If you’re reading this after 6pm, then go ahead and grab a nice glass of wine.)

  3. Buy a book. Just to be safe and to make sure you’re celebrating correctly, you need to make sure you’re buying a book by an INDIE AUTHOR.

  4. Read.


That’s it. There’s nothing to it my friends. But make sure you don’t screw up #3. That step is very important and non-negotiable. I mean, could you imagine celebrating Halloween without a costume? Thanksgiving without a turkey? Christmas without gifts or a tree? No, right?! You’d look ridiculous.

It’s the same for National Author’s Day. You absolutely cannot celebrate it without buying an indie book. It’s a must.



It’s easy, see! Here’s me celebrating! (It’s a very intense part of the book.)


There it is. Go nuts! Have a ball today. Buy an indie book and enjoy it. Tell your friends to do the same.


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National Author's Day





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