Handbook for Mortals


We’re back friends! I took some time off for a little over a month to enjoy the summer and to work on a new book that’s scheduled to come out around the holidays. Exciting, right?! Preorders will be available in October.

Thank you for your patience while I was away for the past month. Hopefully you were using the time to travel, write, relax, enjoy summer, or, like me, enjoy the eclipse! For our first post after the summer vacation, let’s take a look at a fun recent story where a couple authors on Twitter took down a YA novel that had scammed its way onto the NYT best-seller list. Maybe you heard about this, but the book Handbook for Mortals skyrocketed to the top of NYT’s YA list, but two resourceful Indie Authors weren’t buying it.

Let’s look at the story in a fun way—as told by the authors themselves in a discussion on twitter. Here we go!














































Pretty incredible huh?! Super cool story. Thanks to Twitter book news for helping make the piecing of the story together via Twitter very easy.



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