Runaway Ralph

Runaway Ralph


by Beverly Cleary

Does it get any better than Beverly Cleary. I mean, c’mon, how could we run a month of children’s Sticky Books without mentioning Beverly Cleary. If you’re a regular reader here, you know my love for Dr. Seuss, and Roald Dahl is amazing in his own right too, but Beverly Cleary  is just the cat’s pajamas. (I’ve never used that phrase in my life. I thought I would try it on for size–no idea why. I didn’t like it.)

Romona Quimby series. Henry Huggins series. The Ralph S. Mouse series. Plus standalone titles like Strider and Dear Mr. Henshaw to name a few. Cleary is any young child reader’s dream. 

Runaway Ralph is the second in the Ralph S. Mouse books and I’ve always loved them I have the boxset in my bookshelf. I’m not kidding. Next to books on Aristotle and Kant, and books likes The Brothers Karamazov and A Tale of Two Cities, is Beverly Cleary’s Ralph series. I have some weird dream of reading it to my children someday when they’re a little older. That is the beauty that is Beverly Cleary, still captivating a thirty-something engineer-attorney. I hope you enjoy her too.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any good quotes to pull online and I didn’t have the time this morning to read it for the 100th time to pull some additional quotes, so for the second straight week, knock yourself out with the preview. Let us know what you think.




Sticky Books are those that you just can’t get out of your head. They stick with you long after you have put the book down and have moved on to something else. These are some of my Sticky Books. I don’t enjoy reviewing books myself. I find I am either full of far too much praise for the book because I know how difficult it can be to write a book, or I am far too negative about a book because, well, I guess I was just in a bad mood. So instead of reviews, I have pulled some of my favorite quotes from each Sticky Book.

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