Let’s kick off this weeks Tweets of the Week with a few from one of my favorite tweeters, @chipmunkofpower, especially when she does the back-and-forth dialogue.




@thelaceylondon makes it into Tweets of the Week often, but when she’s pushing tweets like this, you can see why. There’s a lot in her timeline to encourage us as writers and creators. Finish your first draft, then worry about perfecting it.




I am drawn to people like this. I find their passion and focus contagious. Maybe I’m drawn to it because I wish I had more of this in myself. It’s a constant area of work for me.


This one made me smile sheepishly. I think I’ve said a different version of this a million times in my 17 years with my better half. “I want to share, I just need you to push a little harder. Oh, not that hard! That’s too much. We’re closed today!”

I’ve learned how to be more vulnerable. It’s a work in progress.



Sometimes we need care and love. Sometimes we need a kick in the ass. Let this advice from Lauren Beukes be the kick in the pants you need. Finish the book! Don’t make excuses. Write it!








Be grateful for the new day friends. There is so much power in gratitude. More than just a fluffy feeling of giving back. There is growing scientific evidence that gratitude can help you focus and succeed in accomplishing your goals.



Haha! So true. It never comes out the way we picture it in our mind. Reminds me of writing advice from Ta-Nahisi Coates. This is the plague of every creative-type. The work is never done.



The only two ways to get better at writing are to write and to read. Work on your craft. Write!



I loved this tweet that went viral. So cool. Even if it’s fake, which I hope it isn’t, this is straight out of a movie. This couple didn’t meet and get married until years later, but found they were at this monument on the same day at the same time taking a picture years before. Life is fun.


I’m not sure exactly what it was about this tweet from @MaraloScott, but it really spoke to me. Something about the earnestness about it. Most people on social meeting push their children in front of us as a way to get compliments about their kids or their parenting skills. It’s transparent and tiresome. This wasn’t that at all. I found this tweet moving and heart warming. 🙏🏽



Raise your hand if you know this feeling all too well!




Don’t quit on your passion no matter how many additional peaks you encounter. Continue to create. Continue to write. Persist!


Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Keep writing!



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