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Author Tweets of the Week (2-3)



To start off this week’s Tweets of the Week, let’s have a little bit of motivation.



Don’t forget this friends! Believe in yourself. Regardless of your walk of life, regardless of your goals in life, believe in yourself. It’s nice to have others that believe in you and support you, but you need to believe in yourself first.


There are constantly great #amwriting tweets from @noveliciouss. Here’s one:


Great line, Orson Scott! I love that. If you don’t follow @noveliciouss yet, you should. Although with 165,000 followers, I’m guessing most of you already do.


This Margaret Atwood quote is pretty darn square on too.



It’s so true. Most good works of writing are going to come from complete chaos and a shamble of words.


That’s why it’s so wonderful when readers provide meaningful feedback. It is so satisfying to have a reader take in your words and to be impacted. These two tweets about Pieces Like Pottery were wonderfully humbling and satisfying.




Thank you @jr_ebal! I am grateful and humbled.


Speaking of paths many fear to tread, this is such a mindful quote from James Finley via my brother from a different mother (and cousin) Michael Paul.











Take a break today, friends. Count your breaths. Count your steps. Count your moments. Remember the preciousness of the present and embrace it. Embrace every wonderful and painful moment.


Did you take some time? Good, let’s huddle back up and have a chuckle.



Welcome back to our old friend and Tweets of the Week regular Tamara Thorne! Thanks for always making us laugh.


Now another from @noveliciouss:


As I said on twitter, I don’t have enough hands to count the people that tried to make me feel lousy about my writing on one hand.

Don’t worry about the haters! You’ll never satisfy them!


I’ll leave you this week with two thoughts of focus and encouragement.


Write! Write! Write! And then write again! (And write some more!)

Got that? Write!


I loved this last tweet.


Maybe it is because I have heard my father express similar sentiments about his own work, but I loved this tweet. My father has always said, “If there’s one person, just one person, that is changed for the better, than my effort has been worthwhile.”
Continue writing my friends.
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David Boles On Writing

Twitter ran a fun little “Moment” yesterday with David Boles.

Boles is the author of over 50 books and over 25,000 articles. He has a goal of writing 2,000,000 million words each year. You think you’re measly goal of a thousand words a day is lofty?!?

Twitter compiled a number of tweets from the last year by David Boles, who you can follow @DavidBoles. You can view the entire Moment here, but I wanted to share some of my favorites.












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