How to Easily Write an Ebook for Free


by Janice Wald


If you’ve been wanting to write an ebook, but struggled to know exactly where to start, I can help. I followed these tips when I published my ebook. Once you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to follow these tips to become a published author as well.

Why Write an Ebook

First, be clear about why you want to become a published author. Writing an ebook will take time. If you’re not clear on your motivation, it will be too easy to use the word “tomorrow” when discussing making your impending ebook. Know why you’re writing your book before you start.

There are many valuable reasons to become a published author:

  • You can say you did it. Are “bragging rights” enough for you to undertake this project? Yes! Becoming a published author gives you authority in your niche. Two magic words will forever follow your name: “author of…”  Those words are magical since they bring you influence. They turn you into an influencer in your niche.
  • It will be easier to get a guest speaking gig. You’ll carry more weight if you can say you are an author. People will be more likely to add someone who has “author of” after their name to their conference speaker line up. Your status as a published author will make them look good.
  • Publishing an ebook is a way to monetize. Even though Amazon, the third-party seller, takes its cut, the money adds up!
  • You can give it out for free in exchange for getting website followers. You need to use the ebook as an incentive for people to opt-in to your author website. It is important for authors to show their publishers the public is interested in their writing.
  • If you write more than one book, it’s easier to sell subsequent books. People might want to read more than one of your works.
  • You empower readers with your knowledge or entertain them with your stories. Isn’t that why you became a writer in the first place?


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How to Make the Book

  1. Decide what topic you want to write your book about. I highly recommend Google Trends which shows you if people are currently interested in your topic. Just because you’re passionately interested in a topic, it doesn’t mean everyone else is. If you’re a fiction writer, you can research your genre, for example “romance.”
  2. Find beta readers. You need beta readers who will leave reviews on Amazon. Give your book out for free. Ask if people would be willing to give you a review in exchange for a free book. You can ask anyone from your closest of friends to asking on Twitter for beta readers.
  3. Make an account with the Amazon Kindle Program. This is where you’ll see the reports for how many books you’ve sold and how much money you’ve made.
  4. You’ll need a cover for your book. Some people outsource this to a virtual assistant on Fiverr. Other people design the cover themselves using a template from Amazon now allows cover uploading, a recent change.
  5. Write the blurb for the back of the book. Why should they buy your book? Some book blurbs include an excerpt from the book or the review.
  6. Optional: My editor made sure I asked someone to write the book’s foreword. I know of other successful ebook authors who don’t have a foreword or even do reviews.
  7. Will you need an editor? I used a wonderful editor I found at However, some people ask a close friend to read the book to look for errors. Make sure your formatting is consistent if you edit your own book. For example, will you write out certain words or abbreviate? Make sure whatever you do, you’re consistent throughout the book.


How to Promote Your Book

Promote! Promote! Promote!


  • Tell your website subscribers about your book.
  • Tell everyone about your book using social media sites like Twitter. At Twitter, a tweet advertising my post is my pinned post. That way, everyone who goes to my Twitter profile sees my book. I also ask for “retweets” of my book’s promotional tweets. I’ve had hundreds of retweets. That’s free exposure!
  • After people learned I had published a book, they offered to interview me about my book. If people want to interview you, let them. This is free advertising for you.
  • Facebook groups have #Promo days. For example, on #PromoMonday you can promote your book without being considered a spammer in some groups. Other groups offer different promotional days.
  • Promote in the sidebar of your website. Some people don’t know how to do this. Use widgets.
  • Promote it on your Author page on your website. If you don’t have one, make one!


[clickToTweet tweet=”If people want to interview you, let them. This is free advertising for you. #writing #writerslife” quote=”If people want to interview you, let them. This is free advertising for you.”]


I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see clicks out of my website to my book’s link on Amazon. I don’t know if people are clicking on my Amazon link on my Books page or the link in my sidebar, but it doesn’t matter. I’m monetizing!

People want to interview me more than they did before. Someone just asked yesterday if he could promote my book in his newsletter.

When people ask to interview me I let them. Website creators are more interested in me now that I have “published author” after my name. Each interview tells how readers can buy my book.

Do you see how my influence has grown?



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