I apologize for the lack of activity on site in the last 10 days. Sometimes, living just gets in the way of life. There are kids that are one week old that think Nothing Any Good is a defunct site. Can you believe that?!? Sorry babies! (Not you, adult reader. You’re not a baby. Clearly you’re an adult. I mean the one-week-olds. They’re babies. Both literally and figuratively. Grow up, one-week-old! It’s a free site! So entitled already.)

I came across this video last night and enjoyed it tremendously. The man needs no introduction as he is known as one of the funniest people on the planet.

Will Ferrell gave the recent commencement address at USC. His words are encouraging for anyone that has that longing in their soul to create, whether that’s writing, painting, music, movies, a company, or anything else. We all have a constant fear of failure. If you’re like me, you not only have that fear, but you fully realize that the fear won’t go away no matter how long you continue to create or how successful your creations may become. I love Ferrell’s driving point: He let the fear of What If override the fear of failure.

I think this is a concept we’ll dive into further on this site at a later date, but here’s the packaged message in a nice 3 minute video. It’s worth your time.



If you’re so inclined, here’s the full Commencement Address.



We can all use a pick me up in our writing endeavors. Hopefully this gave you some encouragement and motivation!


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