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Can You Publish Your Own Book?


For years, finding a publisher was the main thing holding back a lot of talented writers. You’d spent years crafting the perfect story, you had amazing characters, but it just didn’t fit what all the big publishers were after. As a result, your dream died before it truly began. 

However, in this modern age of technology and instant gratification, do you need to find a publisher anymore?  Continue reading

Write to Help Clear Your Mind

college writing

A guide for college students and stress relief  

by Jay Donnelly



For those of you entering or about to enter college, it is going to be one of the most stressful times of your life. You’ll have 1000 thoughts running through your head, and multiple stresses to deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes, college students tend to use alcohol as a way of coping. This may provide short term relief, but it doesn’t truly help clear your head. You’ll wake up the next day feeling like your head is going to explode, as well as try to deal with the essay you have due in the next day. But it’s all part of growing up. One method you should explore to try for clearing your mind is writing. Just like with reading a book, writing can help take you to another planet and forget your worries.


College Work

College work to help clear your mind? You must think I’m mad, I know. But isn’t college work the one thing that’s clogging up your mind? Exactly. So using it to your advantage and as a way of helping to clear your mind can be really beneficial. The main setback is people don’t know how to write properly, or what to write about. This is when the panic sets in. If this sounds like you, then relax yourself into it. If you’re struggling with the essay writing technique, or just for inspiration in general, then check out this website: Use it as a way of expressing yourself through education. Once the essay is over, your mind will 100% be a lot clearer, especially if you enjoyed what you wrote about.


Write A Book

Like we said in the first paragraph, reading a book can help take your mind off everything. Writing a book has the same effect. Immersing yourself into an imaginary world will help clear your mind for the duration of the time spent writing. Focus your energy entirely on your story, and you’ll feel free. They’re also really fun to write. Who knows, you can find your book gets published, or maybe even become a best seller. If you believe in yourself and your story, you really could become successful. If you want some hints and tips in regards to what makes a good story, then check out this blog post.



Blogging is one of the best ways to clear your mind. To find out how to set up a blog: check out Start Blogging Online: Getting your thoughts and opinions out to the world, to people you’re most likely never going to meet, is an amazing feeling. Especially when you know people are starting to read and enjoy your blog as well. You can write about literally anything you wish to write about, and if you get good enough you could even get paid as well! You’ll make some great virtual friends along the way, and you’ll be able to talk about absolutely everything you want to. It’s an easy thing to set up, and shouldn’t take up too much of your time if you know what you’re wanting to write about.


So when you start to feel that pressure of college sinking in, and the walls are closing in around you, relax and try writing on for size. It might just be the stress reliever you need.




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