Write Faster



What fast writing is ultimately about is time management skills and beneficial habits of mind, both of which too many people lack. Anyone who has a computer can type fast enough to meet any deadline, and 99% of the time, problems with finishing a text on time have nothing to do with finger cramps.

So where do the obstacles lie?

Well, the answer to that is this: the devil is in the details. You might not even notice severe problems at the conscious level, but when it comes to your subconscious, anything can be a distraction. Even when you think that nothing is getting in the way of your creative process, little things are keeping you from being 100% productive.

Wondering how you can deal with these issues and pick up your writing speed?

Custom Writing created an infographic with 15 tips on boosting your writing speed. They were kind enough to share it with us here at Nothing Any Good. Give these tips a try, and you will see how easy it is to write fast!




Write faster





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