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Author Tweets of the Week (10-6)

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Let’s kick things off this week with a little bit of promotion. @crassusmedia just finished their Calendar for writers.

This is a must get for every writer. It provides you with a creative planner for your writing, inspiration and quotes from authors, and other creative solutions to get your writing ideas flowing (such as coloring pages for writers). I recommend this for all my readers. You can get it on Amazon and thank me later.


Find your voice first and foremost. You need to find your voice as a writer. Without it, you’ll struggle greatly and so will your readers.


Which one are you? I’m probably a weird mix of The Space Cadet, The Greasy Palm, and The Ray of Sunshine, but honestly, we’re probably all a mix of 2 or 3 of these, no?



I just really enjoyed this tweet and I’m not entirely sure why. Sure, the picture is cute, but the writing along with it just tickled me.



Amen to that! The short story is an art that doesn’t get enough credit or readership.

This is a fantastic feeling that every indie author can relate to. That first sale of your first book, it’s such a delightful experience.

Great quote, especially in the current geopolitical and hostile landscape we seem to be living in throughout the world right now.



Imagination’s pen. I love that. What a beautiful image that line creates, @annescottlin. Well done.

I am lucky enough to have a partner that enjoys my insanity. It is inspiring and empowering to have that. I hope you all have that for yourselves as well!



Go friends! Write! Expose who you are to the world. Expose every beautiful, terrible, loathsome and delightful part of you.


We’re off next week for vacation. Happy writing! Be kind to each other.


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Author Tweets of the Week (6-23)


In the theme of the last Author Tweets of the Week, I will continue to indulge some of your curiosity of what I’m listening to when I write.




All right, here we go.

This is a perfect place to start. If you’re anything like me, a reminder like this every now and then is valuable. Stop trying to be normal. Don’t try to fit in. You do you and make no apologies for that. Be amazing.


I love this quote. It struck a nerve for me. We put so much passion and thought and time and heart into our writing hoping to really impact people. However, we know deep down that it’s unlikely to change much of anything at all.

I also enjoyed this reply I received on twitter after tweeting a similar sentiment.



Thank you for the encouragement and kind words @KatieRParham! Good on ya!


Before I share this next tweet, brace yourself. You might cry.


Let me help you out. This is what that text says:












You can’t say I didn’t warn you. I told you that you might cry.


New song:






This Darcy Pattison quote is strong. Get your story out in the first draft. Just spew it out onto the page, guts and all. Then figure out what to edit and where to revise.

If you need help figuring out how to edit…

Don’t be afraid to cut something you know that doesn’t fit, even if you really like it.

Don’t allow this to be you. Tell your story.


This next tweet is a good one on which to end.




Happy writing, friends! Be kind to each other. Be kind to yourself. Have a good weekend.


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Author Tweets of the Week (5-26)



Hi friends! It’s time for your favorite running column on Nothing Any Good – Author Tweets of the Week.

Before we begin, a lot of you seem to be wondering what I listen to when I write. It’s different all the time. Depends on my mood and whether my brain can handle writing and listening to music at that moment.

What am I listening to currently?



There. Now you can listen along with me while you read.

All right, let’s go.



Sometimes writing becomes a drag. The words just won’t flow. It feels like your proverbial writing tongue is fat and twisted in knot.

I feel you @bfisher_books.


I like this next quote. Most quotes on social media are inspiring or funny, but there are rarely quotes that are deep. I rarely find myself pausing to contemplate the meaning of the quote.

The job of art is to go deeper and deeper into the questions posed by Life. It’s not necessarily to answer them, but good art will never avoid the questions.


In addition to not avoiding the questions, good art also…

Ohhhhhh. I’ve been doing it all wrong. This is so simple. Break hearts. Pierce souls. Put them both back together again. Take breath away. And then bend the reader’s mind. It’s a piece of cake!


Speaking of desserts…

I’m sharing this for a particular reason. I enjoyed this act of support that Ben & Jerry’s showed, but I was surprised at how much backlash it seemed to receive on Twitter. People were outraged that this was a shameless marketing ploy. I just have to say this. You can’t win with social media. Ben & Jerry’s is a company. Their job is to make a good product and to make money. That’s the nature of capitalism. I’m sorry.

If our companies don’t say anything, we get mad at them and say they’re not using their power and influence for good. But then once they do say something, we throw a hissy fit and say that they’re just being selfish money-grabbing pigs. We do this to our athletes too. We get mad when they don’t speak up, but when they do say something we shout, “Just shut up and play! No one wants to hear your views!”

It’s obnoxious, friends. This is a simple gesture from B&J. Will it change anything independently? Not at all. But change comes through a collective and progressive build up of pressure. Acts like this are needed by corporations.


Anyway, if you want to continue listening along with me.




Once again, Facebook won’t let me embed the next post. Don’t get me started again on their embedding feature.






























This post made me crack up when I read it last night. It’s so true! Something about that guy leaning on the chair. If you asked me for my first hundred thoughts about this picture, one of them wouldn’t be, “He’s doing it wrong.” I have no idea what he’s trying to do!

Too funny. Thanks Assaph Mehr!






Good reminder for everyone. Setting boundaries. Walking away. Knowing your limits. These are all important aspects of strength.








And this.



Point being, spend less time worrying about being weird and more time worrying about being kind.




As I said on Twitter, if you’re like me, so is the second draft, the third draft, the fourth draft…



What’s on now?



All right, let’s let good ol’ Van take us home with these final tweets!



There is never the right time. Never. Did I stutter? NEVER. There is never a moment when you’ll say, “This is perfect. I have nothing else to do or be or see.” It won’t happen. Don’t let there be a memory of What If in your future.



Thank you @ERHollands. Write. Just write. It’s that simple.


Wait, no I was wrong. It can be simpler.



There it is! Just write the damn book. No more excuses. Let’s go!


Happy writing, friends! Be kind. Have a good weekend.


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Author Tweets of the Week (5-5)


Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Let’s kick things off with an Author Tweets of the Week regular, @Novelicious.

This is a great Ray Bradbury quote. At first it comes across as either (a) daunting or (b) meaningless. Daunting because writing everyday of your life seems, well we already said it, daunting. Meaningless because at cursory glance it feels like a fluff quotewrite and then hope you’re lucky!

But when you dig into it, it’s neither of those things.

One thing with which I find most writers struggle, including myself, is trying to write that perfect book that will show you belong as an author. We often times endeavor to create the perfect work on the page. It’s a fruitless struggle, though. There is no such thing as a perfect work. I find I often times have to remind myself that I just need to write, early and often. The more I write, the better I’ll get at being a writer, then more fulfilled I’ll be in my writing.

It’s a simple equation. Now if I can just focus for one damn minu… ohhh a bird!


I enjoyed this quote from Ursula K. Le Guin. It’s beautiful and poignant. But I also enjoyed the tweet from @1022Tiger. I found it to be vulnerable and open.

I’m not sure entirely why either. It’s not like she was pouring her heart out about something private or personal, but she was being very open about her love of language. I love when people are excited about things in life. (It’s for this reason I hate the stereotypical hipster personalitythey’re passionate about nothing except in their passion to be indifferent.) Even more than my love of people’s excitement, however, is my love of when people share that excitement.

Thank you @1022Tiger for sharing a piece of your excitement!



I tweeted a snippet of this story last night in response to this tweet, but it’s hard to do so in 140 characters. Here’s the longer version.

Elizabeth Gilbert is the best-selling author of Eat, Pray, LoveI heard an interview with her years ago. When asked about the fears and doubts that she had with her writing, Gilbert said (and I paraphrase) that she finally had an epiphany that her “writing muse” was telling her that this isn’t her story. If she doesn’t tell it, she bemoaned, then the muse would move on to someone else who will. Ms. Gilbert discussed how freeing this was for her. She was no longer declaring to the reader: “Listen to me. I have something to say.” Instead, she was writing through her muse, her inspiration. It was almost as if she had no other choice but to write. This opened her up to write every day without fear of the result.

This interview was powerful for me in my writing journey. It freed me to realize that my writing is an effort to participate in the human experience with other writers and readers. Nothing more than that. I’m not trying to change the world or shout that what I’m saying is important. I’m just writing what my muse is telling me to write.


With that, allow me a moment of shameless promotion.

Boom! That is a wonderfully kind message for an author to receive. If you’re reading this and you haven’t read Pieces Like Pottery, well what are you waiting for?!?! How many people have to tell you to read it before you actually decide to pick it up?!


Ok, ok, I’m done. Now for promotion of two other authors.

I enjoyed both of the articles referenced in these next two tweets by @assaphmehr and @jeanknightpace. I recommend checking them out.






I see this next quote a lot on twitter. It always invokes beautiful imagery for me.



Let’s call back Assaph Mehr and look at a FB post of his. This made me laugh.




Love this next one.


Love that. Absolutely love it. If you don’t follow, tweet me.



All right, enough fun and games. Back to work, friends! Let’s let @FarahGhuznavi get us focused.


Write with vigor and passion, friends. Write early and often. Write well.

Happy writing! Have a good weekend.


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