This is a Review of Contena’s freelance writing platform.


Being able to make a living from your writing is a struggle for almost every author. We have dreams of our books selling millions of copies and the money rolling in, but for most of us it’s a pipe dream. If you’re like me, you have a day job to make ends meet. Many of you, like me, may also have some freelance writing jobs.

I have been lucky enough to ghost write for a few legal and financial sites over the years and the pay wasn’t bad. The problem with most freelance writing, however, is that the jobs don’t pay well. Not at all.

$0.01 for every 25 words?! That’s a whopping $4 for a 10,000 word article. That’s not going to pay the bills. Not for anybody.

That’s why it’s exciting to see a new freelance writing service like Contena launch.



What is Contena?  

Contena is a new website for freelance writers. The differentiator for Contena from other freelance writing sites is two-fold.

First and foremost, Contena is committed to finding the best clients with well-paying writing jobs for writers. This is key. As a writer, it’s been far too long that our craft has been under appreciated monetarily. Contena compiles freelance writing opportunities posted across the internet into one place with only the strongest opportunities being featured.

Second, Contena’s platform is slick and easy to use. It’s intuitive, which will save you tons of time searching for the best writing gigs and allow you to instead spend that valuable time on actual paid writing. Contena Scout provides an organized listing of job postings for quality freelance writing gigs.



Look how slick the platform is. You can search and apply for jobs directly on Contena Scout. Let’s look at a few key features.

Category: You’ll notice the second column on the board provides a category description of the job. You only want to search freelance writing jobs related to “Marketing”? Easy as pie. Just filter for only the “Marketing” category. Imagine how much time you can save when you’re not reviewing gigs that you have no interest in pursuing.

Quality Score: Contena provides a 5-scale score for each job based on the rate per word or salary, as well as the posting company’s history. This means you can target the jobs that best suit your skill set. You only want the best? No problem. Search for only 5-scored jobs. Do you feel you don’t have the qualifications for the 5-scored jobs quite yet and you keep losing out on them? No worries! Target the 3-scored jobs and make up the slightly reduced pay by winning more and more gigs.

TypeThis is a nice feature to have as a filter. Maybe you’re looking for a new full-time job. Great. You can target only those listings that are for full-time jobs. Maybe you like your current job, but you’d like to pick up some contract writing work. No problem. Filter to those postings that are only contract gigs.

In addition to these key filterable categories, additional information like company that’s posting the job and date added is immediately visible. Probably the most important feature is that you can save jobs that interest you and come back to them to review in detail later.


How Can I Get Started?  

Maybe you’re very interested, but you’re not quite sure if it’s a good fit for you. That makes perfect sense! Contena understands how valuable your time is and how important it is for writers to find the jobs that are the best fit for them. You can review more details on their blog. If the simple, intuitive platform isn’t simple enough, check out this short video on How to Use Contena.


Once you know you’re interested and want to start out with Contena. They’ve provided great resources to ensure your success. They’ve created Contena Academy that provides a 7-part online course on freelance writing:

  1. Introduction
  2. Your Writing Business
  3. Writing Samples
  4. Building a Great Portfolio
  5. Crafting the Perfect Pitch
  6. Landing the Best Clients
  7. The Cient Funnel

Contena members also have access to a Contena Coach, who will help you create an effective pitch, refine your writing samples, improve your portfolio, and guide your strategy when applying for new gigs. This is particularly important for newer writers trying to make a name for themselves as a freelancer.


So….what’s the cost?  

Like anything this good, it comes at a slight cost. Contena offers two memberships: Gold and Platinum.

Both memberships provide access to Contena Scout, Contena Academy, Contena Submissions, Contena Rates and Contena Alerts. The Platinum membership also provides the option of a dedicated Contena Coach and a portfolio review to help you improve your success rate.

Gold Payment Plan

  • 1 year access

  • 6 payments of $99/mo

Gold (Full Payment)

  • 1 year access

  • $497

Platinum Payment Plan

  • 2 years access

  • 6 payments of $199/mo

Platinum (Full Payment)

  • 2 years access

  • $997


The best part, though, is that there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re like me, you may be a little wary to pay that type of money without any proof that it will in fact pay off for you. That makes sense. If you’re finding writing gigs simply and easily, then $997 is nothing to pay, right? But if finding quality gigs is just as difficult with Contena as it is for you now, well then that’s a lot of money to waste. I get it!

That’s the beauty of the money back guarantee. Contena shows that their commitment to finding you high-quality gigs isn’t just lip service. They’re willing to put their own success with you on the line because their so confident in what they offer. If you’re unsure, opt for a monthly plan and try it out. If you feel that Contena isn’t for you, the money goes right back into your pocket.

That should be music to your ears! It’s a win-win for you!


Should you sign up?

I get it. If I was LeBron James holding a Pepsi you’d be convinced to buy a Pepsi, but I’m not. I’m Dan Buri Nobody extending an opportunity for freelance writing. You’re curious but cautious, and that makes sense. I would be too.

But that’s why the money-back guarantee should be such a relief for you. There’s nothing to lose in trying it out. Contena is so confident that you’ll love their service that they’re willing to refund back your monthly payment IN FULL. Tooling around with their platform myself has convinced me it’s worth at least the monthly shot, if not the full buy-in now. This could be exactly the opportunity you were hoping for to boost your writing income.

No more checking multiple job boards every day. No more endless email pitches for low-paying jobs. No more being ignored when you apply for a writing job. No more wasting hours on end coming up empty.

Contena Acamedy trains you in your freelance writing skills. Your Contena Coach helps you perfect your freelance craft. Contena Scout helps you organize all the best possible gigs on one simple platform.

The cost for signing up may seem high to you now, but you’ll be glad you paid it the first job you land with Contena. You’ll be thrilled you paid it when you find out landing gigs is simple and repeatable with Contena.

Access to the best freelance writing clients is worth it.

Sure, I may not be LeBron James slanging a Pepsi, but I’m also not Kendall Jenner telling you to buy a Pepsi either. Don’t let this opportunity pass you buy. There’s nothing to lose.

Ready to sign up? Click here and start earning what you deserve today.


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