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Author Tweets of the Week (4-21)

Hello friends! To kick off Author Tweets of the Week, I enjoyed this idea from @InventingRealit.

I haven’t implemented it myself, but he’s absolutely right. You will find yourself selling a number of books each week if you’re able to pull a copy out when someone says, “You’re an author? Cool! Tell me about your book.”

I don’t know if I’ll start carrying books around myself, but I like the idea. My biggest concern would be that most people don’t carry cash anymore. But maybe if I ever get my Square account set up, it’d be able to do it piece of cake.


This tweet made me laugh.

No commentary necessary. Just a funny cat tweet that’s also about #amwriting.



This is a great quote. Don’t worry about running out of ideas or stories. Write the ones bouncing around in your head. More will be presented to you. Your creativity isn’t going to disappear.


In that same vein…

Don’t worry about saying what others want you to say. Don’t try to write in someone else’s voice. Be your own writer. Write what you want.


Great advice to remember. Strive for being succinct. But at the same time, given what we just discussed, if your style is not brevity, then write in your style. Don’t write what others want you to write, even if it is Thomas Jefferson.



When I was growing up, my parents were very fond of saying, “It builds character.” I now simultaneously love that and hate that line. Do with that what you will.


Finally this week, take this message to heart.





Happy writing, friends! Have a good weekend.


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Author Tweets of the Week (8-5)


Let’s not waste any time at all. We’re going to kick off this week’s Author Tweets of the Week with a moving video.

This video is a great way to kick things off this week. So moving! Like I said on Facebook, if this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye and make you want to hug your Mom, either you’re heartless or your Mom was.



Groucho Marx has some wonderful lines. This one from @alphabetsuccess is one I actually hadn’t heard before. Nothing like throwing a zinger at someone and then kicking ’em when they’re down.




If you don’t follow @mattdusk and you enjoy being inspired, well what the heck are you doing?! His twitter feed is filled with tweets like this one.





This post makes me giggle every time I see it. I’m not sure exactly what it is






These tweets have been around for a minute, but I just stumbled upon them this week. I got a good laugh out of them. Here’s a few more:


Well those were fun.

Here’s a more serious and practical tweet I enjoyed this week.



This is so true. If you’re too much of an asshole to love someone else because you want to be selfless, then love them because studies show you will live a happier, healthier, more productive life.

So there, you dicks, be nicer BECAUSE you’re a dick, not because you’re trying to be nice. You’ll benefit from it. (I bet you didn’t think someone could turn a spiritual message into a half-encouragement / half-rebuke of jerks. That’s what I do. I make the impossible possible.)



Now let’s do some dancing! It’s the weekend fools! Let loose! Kick back! Dance like this guy!



If you’re out of breath, then you’re doing it right. Great dancing.

Let’s wrap it up with this. I have a two-year old that is nearing three. She loves to read with us. I adore it. It’s amazing. read to your kids, friends!





And with that, have a wonderful weekend! My second child is approaching this world rapidly. He’s due anyway now and the next time we share tweets together it might be with spit up all over my keyboard.

Keep writing! Have a wonderful weekend.



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