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Tweets of the Week (4-15)


Our weekly installment of Tweet of the Week bring you some great tweets from Nothing Any Good followers and followers.

I met a millionaire once that owned a janitorial company. You read that right. A millionaire janitor. He made his millions cleaning offices and schools. Do the things that other people don’t want to and do it a long time.


Well I gratuitously plugged my own book in last week’s post, so I think it’s best to plug someone else’s in this week’s post. @assaphmehr is kind, creative, and brilliant soul. Check out his book.

I loved this. It’s weird and deep all at once. Cry people. There’s no shame in crying. It saves you from so much suffering. The wonderfully inspiring, late basketball coach Jim Valvano once said, “If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.” Don’t forget to cry; it heals the soul.

To create something wonderful, you have to be willing to look stupid, to fall down, to be laughed at, to be wrong. It’s the life we choose.


Oh man! This weeks tweets are way too serious! C’mon! Is there anything light hearted!





There we go! Two weeks in a row @WIRUniverse. Thanks! Milk was a bad choice.



Keep tweeting! Keep writing!


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  1. Helen Laycock

    What, and nothing about my licking of the crisp packet, Dan?
    Surely there’s a profound meaning there.

    • danburi777

      How did I forget about that one?!?! I blew it! Any tweet about potato chips wins me over immediately. I blame it on the British word for chips. How am I supposed to remember a great chip tweet if it used the word crisps instead???

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